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Will UND Baseball ever return?


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When Grand Forks can’t even afford a Northwoods team, like Bismarck does, there is practically no hope for UND baseball to return.


The Bismarck Larks are probably an order of magnitude less cost than the F-M RedHawks.  The Northwoods teams, summer teams for college kids, have minimal cost with teams all over Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and Bismarck got a team a couple years ago.

At least NDSU has a good on campus stadium, granted with little attendance for the NDSU team, but the RedHawks draw well.

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19 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

I have my reasons as to why but they boil down to this: 1) I would think this be a cheaper sport to run that M/W Lax* 2) would add another team for the Summit league to strengthen that conference in that sport.  3) Decent enough talent pool to grab in the cities (and maybe a few players in ND?)

And... could easily monoplize the soccer market in the Dakota Schools.

Now, are they going to add sports anytime soon?  Nope, but that's the direction I would go.  

*I don't like the fact that right now, UND would have to travel quite a bit for M/W Lax.  That is my big hangup on that sport. 

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11 hours ago, Green Banner said:

Not a LAX fan but If I had to choose between that and soccer I take LAX all day. Would love to see baseball return but that is a pipe dream.


If I got to choose, it would be Baseball > LAX > Soccer. 

Greatly miss having a sport to watch in the spring/summer (besides softball).  Would be awesome to have a little facility near the dorms for the students to walk over to.  Baseball also has the potential to produce a few MLB guys as well (fun).

But I think LAX would have the highest ceiling.  If Lax, I'd build a smaller dedicated track and field facility like NDSU and kick T&F out of the HPC.  LAX would play in the HPC with the new bleachers that are in there, and I'd finish the elevated walking track that was originally planned for standing room seating.

Being that we live in reality, all excess funding should be pumped into basketball and volleyball.  If our AD were to add an un-endowed sport, it would be a fireable offense, imo.  (did golf ever raise their required endowment money?)

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