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Me too, Bruins opener vs the Jets tonight! :D

I was smiling ear-to-ear because a certain team lost last night. :) In an unrelated note, my buddy DaveK actually made an appearance on my blog today. It's only took a post about Milan Lucic to flush him out. :) 

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Wild 5-0-0 at home as they beat the Hawks tonight 5-4 and go to 7-2-1. All but 2 games have been 1 goal games. Good teams find a way. Fontaine got drilled with a knee on knee hit and he went down instantly. Did not look good and I don't expect him back for awhile. Off to St Louis tomorrow night.

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We went to the game on Friday - that was a lot of fun!  Only had 1 Blackhawk fan that got tossed, otherwise it was just a fun crowd.  The first and third starting with those quick-hit goals right in front of us set a great tone.

I saw a green Reebok Sioux jersey by the Hawks bench, was that you?

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