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  1. Did Schloss stop updating his blog? The last entry I see is from March 29th.
  2. MattC


    Anyone have one of these they are willing to let go? Let me know size and price. Thanks!
  3. I usually stay at Baymont across from the Canad. It’s pretty cheap, newer, and is a great location.
  4. I believe that honor goes to Tyler Jundt who played with Bemidji. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=99503
  5. I should definitely have a Gleason photo. I didn't travel to any away games in the 08-09 season so I would only have home game photos.
  6. It's been that way since the beginning from what I remember.
  7. Looking for a total of 6 tickets for the Friday game against Omaha. I can be reached at 701-770-3352 or mclemetson@gmail.com.
  8. Nope, he played in the game against the Wild on Sunday. He was scoreless and had 2 shots in that game.
  9. I will have to look into that. Was hoping to find a hotel shuttle but this will probably have to do. The only hotel shuttle listed on the REA website is the Canad Inn.
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