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With the Icebreaker tournament only two weeks away, I am wondering if anyone know what the viewing options are? The first game is at 3:30 against Lake Superior State, and I don't see anything listed on the UND website other than radio. I also check Maine's website, since they are hosting, and don't even see a webcast option.

Trying to determine if I will be leaving work early that Friday to watch the game, but if it isn't even available to watch, then my decision is pretty easy.

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19th edition of the Icebreaker, one of the "top showcase events" for the sport, and options for live media coverage are virtually nil.  So much for building the brand of college hockey.  Maybe they'll pull out some stops for the big 2-0 next year in Denver.

Yeah, it's hard to figure.

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Our whole family will be viewing the tournament in person.  Using the tournament as an excuse for a family reunion in Portland, ME.  :cool:

That second sentence makes it sound as if the reunion is more important than going to watch UND hockey.  I'm not sure I agree with this assessment. :p

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