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  1. I saw Munski in the hallway yesterday as I was walking to the class I teach in O'Kelly. He gave me some Smarties.
  2. I would LOVE to have an Aldi in Grand Forks!!
  3. Is the city funding the library consultant? http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4425361-step-ahead-grand-forks-library-spending-about-80k-consultant I may be misreading your comment and/or the article, but I don't think the library consultant is being paid directly via the city coffers. Carry on...
  4. True, but that doesn't mean that Hugo's doesn't have any capacity whatsoever. Lack of competition can create complacency. Hopefully Hugo's will use this as motivation to find ways to improve their presence, store conditions, whatever. There are always areas to grow, in my opinion.
  5. Pretty sure those comments will come out, no matter what Chaves does.
  6. Why do you say that? --Honest question, no trolling or sarcasm. I can't infer what you are referring to specifically...the size? Condition of the buildings? Enrollment?
  7. Sent in an email to all of UND: Statement from UND President Mark Kennedy I acknowledge the anxiety that my pursuit of the role as President of the University of Central Florida (UCF) caused many in the University of North Dakota Community. As one of the largest and best universities in the nation, UCF represented a rare opportunity which I felt compelled to respond to their invitation to pursue. With UCF making a decision to select another candidate, please know that Debbie and I will continue to work hard for the benefit of UND with the passion for its success and love for the
  8. Kennedy attended (and presided) over all three December commencement ceremonies. He did miss the summer commencement ceremony due the birth of a new grandchild. Here are all of the recent ceremonies for your viewing pleasure http://und.edu/student-affairs/commencement/watch-commencement-live-stream.cfm
  9. Not the best showing of tackling. Uck.
  10. I thought the sound system was much improved (Sec 216). I also didn't have any issues with the WiFi. I did notice that the video was a little glitchy, hopefully an easy fix.
  11. I spoke with a UND athlete on Wednesday morning. She mentioned that they had been told that a decision regarding cuts would be made that day, and that once the press conference had been set, they would be notified via text and would need to report immediately (maybe for a individual meeting...she didn't say). I would guess that the WIH team had the same directive, but of course had a previously scheduled practice to attend that afternoon. So, in a way, all of the athletes (and of course coaches) knew that something was going down on Wednesday, but not necessarily the specifics. Until t
  12. So. Many. Goosebumps. I didn't realize this game was broadcast on TV then. Of course, I was in my seats at the Alerus, just like I will be tomorrow.
  13. They did it against Poly, too. I thought of this forum immediately.
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