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@USAHockeyScores: Brock Boeser puts USA White on the board 1 minute into the second period. USA White-1, Sweden-0 #NJEC

He just scored again.  Shocked the Schmaltz-Matthews line isn't doing more, I wonder if they're letting their depth guys play more as the game is getting out of hand.


The 10th goal was Boeser from Schmaltz.  That sounds nice.

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Exactly load it up and let them use their skills. Nick Brock and pick the other top guy 

@russbites: UND recruit & Canucks prospect Brock Boeser had couple nice 1-timer blasts for goals & a 3rd going to net hard finishing upstairs. #NJEC

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Two power forwards?

I consider the way jewels plays as a power forward but obviously the size of Boeser and he seems to have a nice overall game from little I've seen. What's your question? or just disagreeing that they are PF? :) wouldn't be first time im wrong if i am 

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