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Considering that the UND Athletic Administration didn't bid for the Great West Conference Tournament which would have been for both the men's and women's games, they probably don't have an interest in hosting a game. If they did bid and didn't get it - their bid probably wasn't very good. Too bad for the basketball fans as it seems they have always supported the playoff games in the past - something the administration evidently doesn't recognize.

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Here is the bracket. UND got no love in the seeding, probably due to the general weakness of the Great West.


On the tourney web site it says higher seeds always host, so I'm not sure a bid was even possible. Looking at the bracket, it would be awesome to see a North Dakota-Minnesota final.

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Also would have been for sure genes last game.

Epic fail on Faisons part

From the web site. UND is an 8 seed so they never got a chance to host.

Can teams bid for home games?

No, teams cannot buy home games. The higher seeded team always gets the first chance to host.

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Look at the seedings and who hosted last year - on WBI website

Several teams with lower seeds hosted the games...................

And the WBI website says that the higher seed gets to host if they want this year. If they don't want to host, the lower seed can host. UND is a number 8 seed playing a number 1. This year all hosts are the higher seed except one.

Don't know anything about hosting the Great West. UND bids on hosting a lot of tournaments, but not all. I don't know why they may not have bid on this one.

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Thanks Gene for your dedication to UND athletics, and bringing home back to back to back National titles!!! I was at the one in 97 at the Hyslop the atmosphere was electric. UND's first National Title in basketball and it was an incredible site. Couldn't have done it without a great coach. Enjoy retirement!! You will be missed.

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