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  1. 1. What name should replace "Fighting Sioux" after it's retired?

    • Aviators or Pilots
    • Cavalry
    • Nodaks
    • Nokotas
    • Norse, Nordics, Fighting Norsemen
    • Outlaws
    • Plainsmen
    • Rangers
    • Rough Riders
    • Other

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Here are my rankings of the seven finalists, and remember, I'm a marketing expert.

"I am an expert witness, because I say I am." -- the man who appeared from a cloud of smoke (aka Lucifer)

Reference: "Garden of Allah" by Don Henley

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Argument AGAINST Sundogs as the new nickname.


So I was talking with my wife about the nickname deal.   For context, here is a little information about my wife:


Wife =

-Could barely care less about sports in general

-NDSU graduate but doesn't really follow her alma mater

-Could not care less about UND or NDSU rivalry

-Quit going to hockey games with me when I got in a fight with Goldie Gopher in the mid '90's (ok, it wasn't a real fight, but it was enough for her)

-We've been married for decades now, so I've learned a little about non-verbal communication cues


Ok, so we were talking about the nickname thing, and I listed off the final 7.


Let's just say, when you get the face she gave when "Sundogs" came up, you just don't do whatever that was you thought was a good idea.


You just don't.

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