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  1. Not enough parking spots. Even with free parking same people would need to walk from neighborhoods or take bus
  2. I think you are on to something, but eh Identity Crisis is across all sports. Not really any Stadium wide Hawk Chants at any sport.
  3. Top two reasons for me Parking and Cost in that order. Granted I still go to about 10 games a year. I wonder if lower salaries and high cost of living lead to people not having the disposable money willing to spend $50/ticket on a hockey game. I turned down free tickets for Saturday simple because by the time I get to the hockey game once football in done I will be parking far away. With the game being on TV I plan on planting by butt on the couch from Start of Football game til the end of the Hockey game. Parking is a joke. There should be a big parking ramp next to the Ralph. I have no interest on jumping on a bus to and from the game. I realize you can purchase tickets outside the arena most of the time for under face value. Problem is you take the risk of parking, walking up to the arena, not being able to get a ticket and having to walk back to your car.
  4. Better to get our butts kicked in Fargo than sit on are butts at home. Just need chip chair and chance. I've heard way too much "would rather not make playoffs and get butts kicked." Experience in playoffs would be great for returning players. Coaching changes should have nothing to do with what happens Sunday morning
  5. I tend to follow the ball and don't always see what goes on down field. My question is are the TE's staying in to block because the O-Line is having problems pass blocking, are the TE's not getting open, or are they open and the QB does see them? Seems to simple to say need to use the TE's more. To me it all comes down to the WR's getting healthy so we have more than one option for the QB to throw to, seems he only trusts Noah. Defense can focus on the ran. If stopped for short gains on 1st and 2nd down are are in trouble needing to pass on 3rd down.
  6. IMO This is the difference between winning and losing.
  7. Big Green

    2018 Season

    Any idea when our injured WR's are due back?
  8. They only had 1 guy back so no one to block. (should be able to cover in that case.) I thought we would kick deep in that case. I'm sure they would fair catch and take ball at 25. IMO much better chance to force 3 and out and take ball close to mid field with 40 sec left. I think they forced a 3 and out after on side kick.
  9. Imo if Montana would win they would move back in front of us. Beside Mt is my 2nd most hated team. There fans are arrogant SOBs. Love when they lose
  10. Big Green

    2018 stats

    With the new kick off rule that the receiving team can fair catch a ball within the 25 and take the ball at the 25 you should always kick off into the end zone if you can.
  11. 7. After opposing team kills a penalty off. "Mankato now at full Strength" "that's debatable ". 8. As we are about to kill off a penalty the band beats the drum, basically letting the other team know we will be coming out of the box soon.
  12. I don't know any others Universities policy or care. Just ban alcohol everywhere than.
  13. I know we are so afraid of underage drinking. If you want to sit with the other student you need to sit in that section. Yes, you can find a sit in the other sections, and risk being kicked out. Do they allow drinking in the student tall gate lot? I'm assuming so and I'm guessing there is a lot of underage drinking going on. What stopping two non-students, one over 21 and the other under 21 siting in a non-student sit and the of age person buying for the one under age?
  14. A good start would be to allow students 21 and older to bring a beer into the student section. Pisses me off that we treat adult students like kids.
  15. Polls should not come up until about this time each year. Would be much easier to rank all the teams fairly if you didn't have previous rankings to deal with. votes don't seem to want to move teams up or down too much with a win or loss.
  16. Almost seems like we beat Montana by too much, showing Montanan is not a good team.
  17. This. We are the Fighting Hawks no matter how much Fans like or don't like it. Can't change the Facts.
  18. exactly. Taylor lied so much I don't think he even knew what the truth was.
  19. No chance once NDSU finished their transition they continue the series.
  20. Agree, starting in 2020 once in the same conference this should be played for every year. Anything new will suck. The Indian head has historical significance. NCAA got there wish we are not longer the Sioux. UND can keep other things that have Historical Significance. no reason not to continue playing for nickel trophy.
  21. Agree, but I thought there was good reason after the Sam Houston Game. I guess some people need to see more.
  22. What they don't need: 1. What is with the pump up music when the offense is on the field. Do they not understand to be quite when offence is on the field. Too many people still making noise when the offense is on the field. Doesn't help when The Alerus center staff don't get this. 2. The roped off Concession area is dump. There should be 1 line at each till. When line extends beyond the roped area it is too difficult to locate the end of line and people in the line are in the way.
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