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  1. Hopefully Berry or Jackson don't leave to join him.
  2. The captain needs to start playing like a captain.
  3. Can chaves get someone from eastern Washington for oc ?
  4. REA doesn't have to abide to UND in any way. I'm surprised they even agreed to put Fighting Hawks on the ends of the court. They could have just put a REA logo or Betty Englestad Sioux Center logo at center court and not mention UND in any way. It's their arena. Look at the Alerus Center also - they don't have to put a Hock logo there.
  5. UND's defense down the middle is terrible. Another tough week. MSU 42 UND 9
  6. Big improvement of logo on New Era hats - More of a hawk than a pigeon
  7. Saw that also... Here's his profile on und's website. https://und.edu/faculty/eric.murphy
  8. Why not cut or scale back full cost of attendance?
  9. PP Lammy? Really? Lee Goren Brad Bombardir Nick Fuher
  10. Frustrating listening to Jack Michaels on the Fan right now. Only talks about the Bison. Radio voice for UND football that doesn't talk about UND
  11. OK Smartass! I was just wondering how they would practice kickoffs and punt returns in a building with a low ceiling.
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