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  1. In their mind... "the vast majority of all people, obviously more educated, refined, and sophisticated then the neaderthal deplorables, who cling to their ainciet religion and guns, also all are hitler."
  2. To be fair yes a few are less than completely true IIRC.
  3. Wait... i bet it can all be disputed with saying cult and a bunch of laugh acronyms thou.... that'll do it.
  4. Here I thought it was via the aforementioned beastiality..... huh...who knew.
  5. Bringing the stupid like a BOSS today About to be entered into evidence ... Exibit A....
  6. A second 4 year term and control of the senate is hardly lame duck.
  7. I just feel for the poor victim who is about to be sexually abused by the Supreme court nominee 15 to 20 years ago.
  8. For the record and to "double down" and help the slow folk catch up.. K Harris resume = one of her orifices... Her "Job interviews" = what she's done with those orafices to get a position she wasn't qualified for. Those. Are. Facts. #whathappenedtoMetoo ?
  9. So this IS how you do things at work? You approve? I notice you cant dispute the facts.. or bring any legitimate argument to the table in any way.....just lay out baseless insults.. and literally make my points for us, fairly typical and expected, boring really, no matter which name you use, it just keeps coming down to the fact... you got nothing, and it eats you, to the core...
  10. Inconvenient. But.... lies........ rite...rite...amirite
  11. Show me one false statement. Just one. You've never been able to do that. For anybody here, ever, it always the same, just get destroyed like a K Harris resume during her job interviews, then call people names, is this how you get your way when mommy takes the sega away?... with name calling and rage? Does it work? Do you get your genesis back? Does it make things true and false out of your hopes and cries?
  12. Frustrated at being owned with your own tumbling logic.... again... sad... I feel for you.
  13. Kamala slept with anything and everything ro get positions in and out of politics. FACT. I support equal and fair opportunity for all. You should, as a leftist, have been told that this type of slut whore is the opposite of the #metoo movement's ideals and goals. Why do you support such behavior? This is aweful and needs to be canceled from society, instead your failed upbringing has brought you to support such a system,.........it's sad. Be better Was this a normal behavior for the women in your life? Is this how you support avenues for women to advance in the work structure you are engaged in? It must have been so confusing?
  14. 2016 the country faced a clear choice as the next nominator. There WAS going to be a new president. The arrogant ingnorant left ASSumed they had the election in hand. This year there is a strong possibility that the same guy will be president come January. Back then a clear choice of elected government was no longer evident, now there is a current and clear MANDATE of choice for who we as a country wanted to choose our justices. Also this argument the repubs have flipped their position is ludicrous without the equal realization the dems... in this conveluted scenario... ALSO have not flipped their tune. Both have or none have, thats all. This is a massive difference, if thats not evident to you, again go to your parents and blame them, they failed in raising a competent human.
  15. This. This is the #1 takeaway. 100% of the focus will now go to the fight for the nomination and vote. RGB in death has done a great service to the country, she will have in fact cured the plannedemic.
  16. That is a very interesting question.
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