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  1. There actually have been multiple suggestions other than kneeling offered in this thread. It seems maybe you read for reaction rather than comprehension.
  2. 1: Pulled the trigger a bit quick on the ol' Dumpster Fire thead eh? Probly go ahead and unseal that tomb and knock out a hundred more pages. 2: Dissapointed in the kids and moreso the program for being dragged into this virtue signalling meaninglessness. 3: After the handling of the MM situation, this stinks of weakness and overt pandering. So if we must be sensitive to the things that are offensive to others, And that is what the kneeling movement was "sold" as, then they are saying this nation is offensive to them. Well I and many many many more are offended
  3. exaxtly, motzko's minnies have skill but... long waybto go. I know we have been robbedbof some great non conference action this year.
  4. Geeeez... Ohio State looks terrible. Penn State looked terrible as well. Minnesota has definitely got some skill but woof, so far their conference competition is atrocious.
  5. Either way, its already tainted a bit. But in reality there just may not be a clear championship in a winter sport for ..... years. NCAA should have set, or followed, precident last year and awarded a Nationa Champion based on the PWR and polls they had, the dame way football did for decades. It was a joke last spring but in reality, the world of college hockey will never be the same, or consistent.
  6. I thinkif the NCHC bubble holds, theres at least a chance but I cant see the NCAA running a championship for 2/3 of the conferences.
  7. Huge miss isnt it? With the increased lockdowns I hoped the product would generate more interest on a national scale. Dissapointing, but at the same time, nice to have it on midco.
  8. It seems inevitable that the momentum is trending much like it did last spring. With more and more dropping off. Its a slower burn but it just feels... like more will fall every day. With a pairwise mathematically impossible it will be interesting to see how they will sead a tourney, if there is one. And on top of that, at what point of teams cancelling does it lose credibility as a season or a competable championship?
  9. They said no, but possibly family. Which is great because Im now offering services of "uncle" to any NCHC player wanting that little extra family encouragement. Or possibly Godfather, I mean nobody is going to say no to letting in a Godfather, amirite
  10. Just a legend. Huge loss to the North Dakota hockey community.
  11. Ken Towers supported me and some of my athletic dreams when others wouldn't. I only have found and warm memories of many a post ball game, birthday party, pre Sioux hockey meal with my friends at the moon. May God bless this good man and his family, Rest in peace good sir, Rest in peace.
  12. Of all the days to toss out an entry to win the internets. You've shooted your shot, and accomplished the task. Congrats sir, for you have won.
  13. Agreed. At the minimum remove the posts where a user is advocating self harm for this troubled young man. There is still a spotlight on this issue and it is disgusting and appauling that we or the program and University can be tied to such comments. I know things are a bit looser right now with no sports but as a community the line has to be drawn and thats waaaaaayy over it. I hope that individual, IP,s email addressess, and everything assosciated be scrubbed and banished forever.
  14. yeah bud. You're not a good human. Certainly no better than Mr. Miller, or anyone else in this story. Very glad to not count you or this aweful opinion as part of the UND family, and moreso, thankful you no longer occupy any space in this state. This is absolute dogshit. Log off.
  15. As much as Schloss is a tremendous college hockey beat guy.... He sat on this story for the Athletic dept. and focused his attention on shitshaming people for not wearing their magic face armour.
  16. I honestly hope everyone involved can understand that.
  17. This is true. Not saying its right, but it is true.
  18. I really think thats a stretch... a far far stretch. Suspiciously far stretch.
  19. This loses its power over time, in reality. Especially if UND can and does support his true redemtion. Right or wrong it does. It will be easy to sign the kid quietly to an AHL deal then ease into it, there isnt nearly the publicity of the NHL draft. But ultimately this kids future is in his hands and how he handles himself. Rights or no rights he was an NHL draft pick. No one can take that away from him. * Disclaimer for every post on this subject. - The actions of Miller where disgracefull disgusting and evil. I hate them. It angers me physically.
  20. The coyotes blaming this on coevid difficulties with this draft is absolutely over the top pathetic. That AND throwing their entire scouting department under the bus. Pathetic. Own the situation and make something good out of it.
  21. Understand this as well, sure the kid may not have his rights owned right now. But this makes it easier for him to get to the NHL. Play a year maybe two, show redemtion, and have 30+ clubs able to sign with as a free agent.
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