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  1. Cole Smith needs to lead a regular "go hard to the net" drill every practice
  2. Back door... been open..... All. Night. Long.
  3. My son just asked if katie was getting married in the 1800s tonight...... savage.
  4. the PP is way to stagnant, and predictable. it sets up and the weak side is set up at the top of the circle, not on the dot. When in actuallity the low weak side back door has been wiiiiiiiide open every time but UND doesnt have anyone dropping in downnthere for the easy sweep in.
  5. Again I will illterate.... Canisius is not good.
  6. Ahhh geeez looks like someone left the computer unlocked again. Always a treat when the institution's employees forget to log out and we get some wisdom dropped.
  7. damn this game is so boring that its resorting to waxing nostalgic about the olden days of winter survival and katie's hair extension...... gunna be a long year.
  8. Im trying for the life of me to figure out what Mismash was thinking on that play. Poolman had it under control, then 16 flies in and wtf? Should have got a trip on it for taking out the Canisius guy, but I guess he kinda punished himself. Very strange
  9. Canisius is not good. Not really close to good.
  10. Nobody is happy, plodding along in the E.
  11. Oxbow asking the important questions for the people..... For the record I believe Twamley has been quite silent on the issue. r/conspiracy?
  12. Im actually quite shocked anyone thought this would end any differently The Twins were built to win one of the all time worst division in major league history. There was no chance, no way that the awwwshucksville nine where even remotely capable of competing in the postseason. For one, MLB will rarly if ever again allow MN to advance, maybe when a new stadium is needed.... This team was put together to stroke the hopes and dreams of one of the worlds most desperate fandoms. They were ment to compete with the one, maybe one team in the division and go from there. Now they can, AND WILL, be awefull again and spend nothing for ten years all the while stroking the narrative of... "that '19 team was one for the record books." Think they will be good next year... naawaah, no way. The bom.... nope not gonna say it... squad lived and died by the juiced ball. MLB has to change the ball now, commish said they would, so next year those 150 duck fart bloopers that left the field for homers..... 135 of them are fly ball outs. Take all those away and chicago probably finishes 2nd and the twinkywinks 3rd behind the Wawhooos. Nope, the owners of MN sports teams feed off the minnesota nicety of the gullible rubes, itll be a long time coming before they have to orchestrate an even quasi plausible squad. I swore off all minnesota sports years ago, (but the wild are always on and its kinda fun to watch ZPar) but really they got zero chance too. Vikings crap, burned it. Timberwolves and lynx dont count casue ... basketball, right!?! amiright. The twins hats i have just fit right and ive got those great memories of 87 and 91 and my beer drinkin hunting firstbasen hero, so I keep putting the thing on my head but.... Its never going to change. Its a sham, they hook you in and hope for ignorance.... Need some type of group collective regionwide 12 step program... Oh well..... 127 days and pitchers and catchers start the charade again... ill probably still have the hat
  13. too tall... is he still around? Hutch, Too Tall, and Brick Tamland...... Legends in their own ways I guess......
  14. ohhhh..... yeah that peky blizzardnado storm. I wonder how that will play out for attendence. Hoping the I-29 tunnel can be hollowed out and get to forks.
  15. Really 2 must win games, 1 snoozer or a lose and a tie and its going to be real tough to fight for the bubble all year long. I hope to see goals and a very physical game.
  16. "Inconvenienced" .....and.... "morally and aesthetically" disgusted are completely different things
  17. Because theres a fine line between "hockey chants" and "heckling youth student athletes" ... I know in this day and age its a blurry line but personally im not so comfortable with it... Students... on the other hand, well they can rip the other kids and their mothers all night long. No, the kids are not going to be moved but the title of thread was making REA fun again, the move would do that, its just not going to happen. I will say if people are selfish enough to refuse a small change that vastly benefits the program and experience they claim to support, yet slightly inconveniences them.... do they really support the program or just value their own experience... More a philosophical that practical question really. NOT AN ACCUSATION!
  18. if im sitting in the sections to the left or right of the current student section, the standing students block the view of the action to the far peripheral, which is what siouxforeverbaby opined in his post. If you move the students to the end, the sections beside the end... the corners would not have their vision blocked as they would be rotated towards play and would not have the their view of the ice impeaded. So the people on the side sections would no longer be impacted by standing students.... the people in the corners would not be impacted by standing students.... and the season ticket holders would be "upgraded" to center ice sections..... So the only person impacted by an end of standing screaming raucous, possibly inebriated students would be the opposing goalie......?....... .
  19. The darkness was long, deep and actually quite wet over these past few months. A few weeks of Sh!thousing exhibition and out of conference foes sure would wash away some bad memories.
  20. Poganski was close but sent down as well. Gersich got a call back up for the last preseason game but didnt stayblong, Sent back down after the game.
  21. What a great moment, I mean MacMillan gave everythin, and I mean EVERYTHING for that team that game...... Havent seen effort like that in a looooong time.
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