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  1. Compartmentalization. Its important to compartmentalize the past. The current and the Future. Turn The Page, Next team up. But this does hurt almost as bad as 2011, not in the same way but....
  2. Seniors who go out as the best in College Hockey Michaud - Smith - Bowen - Yon - Johnson - Peski - Poolman 5 Forwards 2 Defenseman The fence guys: Jr. Kierstad Jr. Kawaguchi So. JBD So anywhere between 7 and 10 spots for the 2020-21 class.
  3. 1959, 1963, 1980, 1982, 1987, 1997, 2000, 2016, 2020*
  4. I guess In my estimation there is a process and scientific backed system in place for this and that is the NCAA Pairwise predictor system. Nine time National Champion, Asterisk it or whatever....but.... Raise the Banner!
  5. Turn the page, who comes in who all leaves. So much in the air tonight. Typing, crying, hope and prayers for the country the school and our team.
  6. This is the worst possible outcome, but it is what it is. There will never be a doubt, proven with scientific certainty. Nine. We all have to deal with it for what it is but these young men deserve what they have earned.
  7. IF or moreso WHEN the NCAA cancels the tournies for BBball hockey and all other spring sports. UND and NCHC needs to cancel this weekends series IMMEDIATELY. Although i believe they all want to see how this weekends "no fans" games play out. If they can hold of the hysteria until Monday, they will play, but i dont think its going to happen.
  8. That article shocked me to see the NHL involvement in the day to day and week to week of their lives. Is that the norm? I dont think ive heard that out of UND.
  9. I suppose we could take a page out of the DAPL terrorists occupation and we could all just storm the REA and claim to be media.
  10. At this point of shared hysteria..... This is the case, I knew sports in general only had until the 1st athlete was confirmed with it. NHL WILL suspend today, NCAA will suspend all by Mondaybat the latest.
  11. Wow.... yeah that seems like a completely different culture than Nodak Just a stop off along the way type situation.
  12. Bet he wishes rocco was still around...... .......I'll see myself out.
  13. I think theres too much in motion to actually cuttail all games this weekend, but after sunday, the season is IMHO over.
  14. IMHO there is now a 65% chance this weekends games will be the last NCAA games of the year. If so.... UND must win the CC series, in 3 games if neccessary, but if they lose 2. They likely drop to 2 in PWR. Is the national champion declared via PWR??..... or coaches poll??.... or not at all??? If a tournamentless champion IS crowned... is it legitimate? Do we (or god forbid Mankato) hamg the banner? Watdafuk happened today??????
  15. Simba cam is going to be reaaally awkward.
  16. Yep in Bismarck If I wanted to watch at a bar. Id go to the Stadium.
  17. They do, know some kids that played last fall and will again here this spring.
  18. No Fargo Youth hockey explicitly stated that they would stack teams for this season. This was the first year it was explicitly stated openly prior to team selection. fer example the PW AA, A , then a stacked B1 and then balanced B1 teams after that. Same for Bantams, same for Squirts. It will beninteresting to see how this philosophy plays out focusing on developing 1 team and feeding 3 High school teams.... Same situationnin West Fargo... Conventional logic and common sense (and history) say its a fools errand. Inevitably a few top kids will go AAA, Juniors, or MHD... which leaves what... 12 kids per year from the AA team to be dispersed to the three HS programs. The only reason to stack PW and squirt teams in ND is the parental vanity of winning winning winning now now now. Sure little Brayclaiden might win a few now... but come High school, they will just be more fodder for GF to dominate.
  19. Remember Z Yon looked like a god on Ice in the MN tourney with Roseau that year.... It was a long journey playing through tougher competition to finally make it to GF and be the role guy he is today. Im not sure if he has signed a NLI or what the plans are, when he committed or if the new rules would have given him more time to shine. Time will tell, but he is fun to watch right now in this tourney.
  20. Oh my thats a kid that just dove all over the place..... thats tough to live with. I hope.
  21. Played a more physical and skilled game tonight than ive seen from him in awhile.
  22. Looking for last minute 4 tx, lower bowl preffered...
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