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  1. Yep, he gave stupid their prizes! 5.56mm at a time! Winner Winner, a pedophile got a full metal jacket dinner!
  2. Was the shooting victim a felon or a pedophile?? If it wasnt at a Democrat rally, probably not, as we have found.
  3. Heres hoping, for him, that he can be snatched by Seattle and head back toward home. Vancouver did him dirty.
  4. That really isn't possible for him. As proven
  5. And this..... Is where we vote somebody off the Island. #IPsBan
  6. No she is testing just how far the media, will support and the right will capitulate let them go, in their misguided attempt to hold some type of country together. Dont be a fool. If she even feels a sniff of getting traction on this, she'll be on it like a 10am bottle of wine.
  7. I have no doubt that Covid did in fact cause the death of that young individual. Hopefully others can learn from the story and understand how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Theres a lot of lessons to be unpacked in that story.
  8. Pelosi doesnt even mention the the 25th unless she's scared maskless about the real polling. In all reality the moment she starts actually trying to pull a coup, thats when shes officially participating in a coup, and all options should be on the table and under to thwart the attempt of the subversion of the United States of America.
  9. OMG... there's almost no way to keep up with the stupid, but we must acknowledge the levels of greatness in stupidity among the greats in other areas.
  10. The lies about fracking are 100% disqualifying for service, and its so amazingly easy to call them on it. Jounalists not even remotely covering this is why the vast majority of people have zero trust faith or economic willingness to support media. The ability to psycopathicly lie with eagerness is so damn dangerous. What else will they eagerly do in the name of radical appeasement?
  11. Born in a Wuhan wok, but now has been woke.
  12. Not even a great still playing van keep up with stupid today
  13. "Sey Hey...Trying to figure out if I"m black or not... Apparently it is soley based on support for a pedophile puppet of the Communist Socialist movement. " -The ghost of Wille Mays
  14. Votes from voters ....no. Counted ballots from Madison and Milwaukee........yes.
  15. To be fair.....the fine print retraction correction on page 346 a week later will admit that the 400000 dead number will be a toal of "from" "with" "without" and "over a period of undetermined time".
  16. They have a misguided idea thatvthe more damage they can cause the citizens to feal they will vote for change. Its not working, its just making more people realize the type of control the communists will have if they get their muppet into office.
  17. If there is ANYTHING we can all agree on in 2020...... It would be tbat we cannthank any and every God known to mankind, thatbthis headline goes with the story ABOVE the text..... and not below.
  18. Has it ever occured to you.... Stormy's fake tits are older than the girls Creepy Joe Pedo feels up. Which he does... on camera. ....and you're ok with that.
  19. Are you just mad your mom couldn't get a payout from him? Is that where your hate stems from? Do you struggle with your own misunderstood feelings and urges? The hatred comes from somewhere, again, there is help available. Seek out the guidance counselor at school tomorrow, or is it hybrid day, either way, they can point you to someone that can help you. Not with the Pedo-Pushing tho... That's just wrong. Stop that $hit now.
  20. Holy $hit... Dukakis was canned for a helmey pic.. Bush... for looking at his watch... Yet the evil that is evident in this senile puppet is worshiped. Anyone who supports this man supports pedophilia. #JustsayNo
  21. Comprehension... try it. White house did not refuse to help the CDC with contract tracing, CDC offered unneeded assistance, White House said thanks but no thanks, keep up the work you doin son. But I would expect no better from a pedo-supporter that still doesnt know the difference between "from" and "with"
  22. .....and yet you refuse to learn... funny how you keep making the same mistakes over and over.
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