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  1. Philipinian caning punishment is perfectly applicaple for the wave.
  2. Ate there, was meh. same as a gas station with chester chicken under a heat lamp, thats my 1ST HAND opinion. By all means check it out for yourself though, thats the fun of trying new places, get to eat and have your own opinion..... "Newspaper article"???.. where did that ASSumption come from?
  3. Wait.... when peple wanted to keep the logo years ago.... I thought the kabal propaganda ministry said no athlete plays for the logo and that the logo doesnt win game or score goals, or catch TDs??? Now we have athletes that are so mentally week they crumble and take their feelings to the safespace if someone prefers the old to the new??? WTF is going on with the Athletic dept admin?
  4. Everytime the core few here are trashing the people who support UND athletics but hate the new logo.... THAT is what is continuing to cause any potential issues. Its basically similar to another aspect of our culture now, People screaming that everyone else MUST have the opinion they hold or they are wrong and causing the problem..... label them with an ..."ist" label. Forced indoctrination and coerced acceptance is not working to aliviate anything. ZERO number of suppporters want to be told how they MUST feel. Now if anyone in the AD office is sitting around wringing their hands about the bird not being loved...... they need to be FIRED immediately!! What a waste of time. This victim mentality is what will hold back UND Athletics for decades.
  5. Extreamly meh.... IMHO... a glorified gas station/convenience store fare. But thats just my opinion.
  6. I still hate the logo, but by my experiences of the surroundings of the football game last weekend, tailgaiting and post game activities, it is impossible to say acceptance is not gaining. I talked with some people specifically about it in the Champs club tent, and some students while tailgating, and it was a kind of an embarrassed admittance that they hated it but... meh its what we got so it is what they wear. That's sad, and very telling about the state of UND athletics fans and supporters.
  7. It appears its just a logistical issue from Ticketbitch dropping a platform that was used. Very unsettling that a solution can not be developed and implemented. The LAST thing the arena needs is fewer students.
  8. Quit bringing accurate math into my rumblings and mumblings.
  9. I see them going 1-5 winning one of of the next 2 series. 19 games left. Washington 1-2 Cleveland 0-3 Chicago 2-1 KC 2- 2 Detroit 2-1 KC 1 - 2 So those games bring the Magic num down to 6, meaning Twins need 6 more cleveland losses in addition to the twins series. Cleveland plays LA, MN, Detroit, Philly, ChicagoWS, and Washington. Twins MUST steal one in Cleveland.
  10. The twins have enough games left against Detroit and the rest of the bottom feeders that its almost impossible..... but if 40+ years of Minnesota sports experience has taught me anything... a bet that Twins slip and actually miss the playoffs completely, isnt completely foolish.
  11. I know Ive gone around with you a few times, and we dont agree on some things, but your post about the Potato bowl game with your dad resonated with me. Some of my most favorite memories I have are going to Potato bowls with my dad. We always went to that game, it is special to my family as well. Your post brought back alot of those great memories into perspective. I really hope you both have a great day and enjoy the game together. Have a great Potato bowl, and I hope you both can celebrate a Fighting Hawks win on Saturday.
  12. As much as we want it to be, this isnt the old days, its indoors, its boring, its not competative and really I'd rather just remember what was than try and recreate something that can never be again.
  13. Fat thumbs, it's glandular, I swear.
  14. Every shot of the crowd is an expression of genuine disinterest. They all look like they have to sit through one more act of their cousin's niece's school play before they go to the royal fork.
  15. Bubba always looks as if he's watching someone remove the oatmeal from the hotels continental breakfast 15 minutes early, and is puzzled why no one else is outraged, yet doesnt quite know what to do himself.
  16. I offered him the $100, he claims thats 5 times what the quote for the thing was. Athletic office managed to figure a way to pay $20,00 after 3 committes reviewed the quote.
  17. Define "go away"... cause im sure hes someone's son in there. I got a good sight picture, i mean view from my seats, but still... uff.
  18. Well.... this.... this has gotten a bit awkward now hasnt it.
  19. Tatanka Center for the Perpetually Obese. Also housed is the Third Floor Research Lab for the cringeworthy passage of STDs..... which are also unsurprisingly, obese.
  20. Nothing more organic and fitting for UND than the moose. Fierce, strong, majestic, to represent the athletics, A bit lost and bewildered to represent the administration, An intelligent creature and high nosed attitude yet cluless to the surroundings and incapable of solving real problems... the faculty. Awkward and drugged up to represent ...well yeah, students. (we've all got a bit blasted at a football game and ended up in some strange woods, right, right?!) Fighting MOOOOOOOOOOSE! #Mooseforever
  21. This may truly be the BEST all time post in the history of ss.com. Well done sir, well done.
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