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  1. JBD was absolutely on a different level tonight. He is a special talent.
  2. I do expect pinto to not play and go to the room... if they have a room... dont like him taking this faceoff
  3. Not sure that tool would try and flex his 88 IQs here again
  4. I’m really not sure there... I suppose your in the same boat as any college or junior coach somewhere that maybe wanted to take a look at these kids.... 2-0 Davies.... that might be the dagger.
  5. Anywho..... 1-0 Davies 5:50 left in 1st, Davis PP now and has been controlling play.
  6. It’s actually on ME TV in the Bismarck market. midco 594 Thank you to Farmer Union Insurance for sponsoring it.... and an especially pokey pineapple up the pooper to the Forum for trying to profit from it.
  7. is this some kind of bumfuk joke.... im sorry but if the only way to watch the STATE hockey tourney is to subscribe to the Fargo fish wrap .... What a joke,... it’s crap like this, I don’t blame ANYBODY for sending their kids away from NDHSAA hockey. Ridiculous...... yet Another Huge fail. Consider the exposure difference for those kids that went to EGF.....
  8. Derek Forbort to Calgary Zane McIntyre to NJ Rocco resigns in Smashville 2 years/2Mill per ZPar stays but but is sick of Loserville USA. Stech stays put, Jost stays put ... Jordan Schmaltz to the NYI (AHL deal)
  9. Just a question, does huskyland hang the 5 point banner now, first week of offseason (aka playoffs for winning teams) or for the opener next season? Have fun golfing sparky.
  10. Hate channel MM here but must... You didnt "seen" anything, you saw it.... "I Seen" is for people who flunked out of NDSU.....or graduated from Duluth.
  11. The time has come, its actually well past the time that the NCAA must address this devastating disease affecting the college hockey game. The systematic use of the embellishment to pervert the officialls responsibility to the rules and the heightened awareness of "player safety", is akin and more devestating to this game than the Astros sign stealing is to baseball. As we have seen, the use of this method of cheating the game has given teams distinct advantages and have developed a culture of acceptability. This culture has been engrained for years in the U of minnesota programs, UMD and SCSU in particular. How does the removal of these tactics actually come about? It has to come from all aspects of the game. On ice officials: We need to realize that "In game" it is quite difficult to crackdown on acts of theatrical manipulation. However it does need to be a "point of emphasis" ...again. If players know that its being watched for it may help. For penalization, the 2/10 should be used, for instances such as the general trip exageration or the drop and flop after a post whistle scrum, another example is the goalie initiating contact in crease and then flopping. For the more severe faking of head contact the 5/Game should be something that is available to the officials, and make it reviewable. The NCAA & The conferences: No conference should want to be known as welcoming to these tactics, and the supplemental disipline should and MUST respect how devastating this culture is to hockey. The use of 1 and 2 game suspensions, and graduated from there, is something that every player and coach should fear..... to the point of eliminating it from their programs culture. Case in point the Pheoling Phlop from the past weekend.... 4 game suspension. That would drive the point home. The hit, jerk the head, and grabbing of facemask and helmet in and itself is obvious, but the all too common "Gophering" ( bobbing ones head up to look check that an officials sees the distress, and then back down) this is an obvious tell tale indicator. If a player is truly hurt, they arent thinking about manipulation of the call, they are hurt. When these acts are so engrained in the program culture that the training and support staff are in on the manipulation, coaches also need to be held accountable in suspensions and possible fines. Helping players off the ice and down the tunnel until an effective call is made and them allowing the "hurt" player to reappear for powerplay, and often times the next faceoff after review.... its as if there is no respect whatsoever for the officials or the game. This is the same as clubhouse personnel banging drums and watching cameras for signs. The NCAA needs to take these points of emphasis and disiplinary measures and make them uniform accross all conferences. Bottom line, we all have to be vocal to the leagues and with the ADs of our schools tobpressure the leagues to get this aspect of hockey OUT of the game.
  12. You aren't wrong or out of place in saying this.... The differential factor is the purposeful action that these asshats are using to SUCCESSFULLY sway the officials calls for these situations. The theatrics are a disgusting insult to the game of hockey, the same programs have been relying on this culture to create an advantage. It puts officials in an even worse situation, IMHO, when a shoulder bump can be slow motion viewed can be disected to appear like the zapruder film... suddenly these guys start seeing what often times isnt really there. The change HAS to come from the NCAA... (it won't, ever)... the conference (a possibility) and the officials as a whole, supervisors on down.... until then coaches will continue to allow the culture of embellishment at places like UMD and St. Clown. Sooner or later someone with the balls to take on this issue has to stand up.
  13. If that tools’ a medic I’m pulling cords and jumping out of the ambulance. Reading that egregious accounting of facts sounds like a methhead describing his alien Bigfoot encounter. Buddy, that wasn’t a five, the phlopping pheoling wasn’t hurt, and that thing up your ass wasn’t a probe....... no matter how much you want it to be the case.
  14. The embellishment that comes out of the Minnesota schools is grotesque... The NCHC has an opportunity to LEAD and create change by becoming the anti diving league.... It needs to happen. The off ice official needs the ability to call down and ... in the spirit of "concussion protocol" either pull these Loser Lazarus' off the ice or issue embellishment majors.
  15. Somebody needs to calm this Roto router for peohlings !@#$ embellishment
  16. The clearity of time indicates that the proper title of the thread shoukd have been Boo Shaw... Which I maintain was the most critical change...along with and resulting in the addition of Karl... So thread titles should have been something like... Give Shaw the claw.. Shaw?..Nah.. #HaydenDadbad... or for the kids... No more fun till we yeet Shaw into the sun....
  17. You forgot to add Minnesota, Wisco, and Notre Dame because ...no matter what... but; This is exactly how it used to be and quite frankly a good reminder for anyone beeeyatching about the pwr system... maybe a few adjustments here and there.. (Kratch) but really. PWR is a godsend.
  18. Spring training is here, which means the annual declaration that the Twins have been officially eliminated from contention beyond the circle jerk central and a 1st round fisting by an east coast team. Probly looking at you NY... again.
  19. It's just sad. I kinda think a "high class" institution like DU or UofD or whatever could come up with something a little more creative. But then that may take away time from wasting mommy and daddy's money on those strenuous academic pursuits like Hydroponics 101, Gender thoery 1289, Social Justice whining 235, and of course Everything is Racist 280. I mean come on.... their most notable alumni accomplishment is Bryron Dorgan's world record for permanently unmoving hair.... and even he wasn't successful till back in ND.
  20. Look into slingtv or playstation or hululive....
  21. 1. Goophers: I mean really they embody everything that is wrong and evil in the hockey world. Historic performance earns a level of earned hate through their success. 2. DU: Just a disgusting ignorance of hockey knowledge, but again, historically successfull to be on thebsame page and scale of UND. 3. UMD: The diving, the human shitstains of desperation and wannabee fans is disgusting. Its so sad. The pathetic play and fan base elevates them even in the face of lack of historical success. Success only on the coatails of those associated with them. 4. BC/BU: Boston, East coast bias and arrogance. Lots of reasons to hate both ways in success and anguish. 5. Michigan: Fu*k Michigan. That is all. 6. Bison: cause I can. Unworthy of hate: St. Clown: good lord the place is one missed state payment away from being turned into a prison. Historically unworthy of elevation to the likes of the others. Fans need to know hockey to even be engaged, havent met many that can understand the game. Omaha hits a similar station here. Honorable Mention: Wisco.... love to face them in rivalry, always had great experiences with fans who after a few jabs are thrown back and forth, buy you a brat and I buy them a beer and we sing sagas of hate towards UMtc and Mich. Just cant hate Wisconsin though, just enjoy the intensity of the rivalry.
  22. Not sure how that wasn't golaie interference....
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