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  1. This promise is yet another that democrats backtracked on. The list of "celebs" that are still " leaving the country" is as laughable today as the day they blathered it.
  2. Lots of murals in bismarcks downtown. Lots of social media triggeredness both ways each way everyway... in reality, its a nothingburger , wanna paint a wall paint a wall. It actually does make one of the alleys feel a bit less rapey, and distracts from the urine smell. But i do agee it is interesting to know where the money comes from to do the project
  3. This is exactly the standard that every reaponsible adult in the worls should be cognizant of.
  4. Work isn't something he's ever done, or will ever be forced to do by his mom. I bet If his mom told him to do some chores even, he would make that bedroom door pay soooo badly.
  5. What if this virus is just a killer, as in no matter what we do, its going to kill off the extreamly vulnerable portion of society, until humanity develops effective vaccines humans develop herd immunity. Would the answer be to just stay in our caves until it eventually finds us? Or is it to live life to the fullest we can and have faith in science, evolution, God or whatever that humanity will adapt? Seems like more should be studied about the areas of earth that this things is not decimating..... or moreso not testing.
  6. Thank you, was going to link this today. Love to hear some GF residents opinion on this.
  7. If anyone wants to confront facts... Answer this question: If Kamala Harris HAD NOT engaged in a sexual relationship with Willie Brown.... would you even know her name today?
  8. Back and forth you go, almost looks like someome agrees with "you"... I appreciate the personal attacks I do, it shows us all how you come to terms with the facts you are presented with. Much like the President, Your President BTW, I dont mind you attacking me as it exposes your lack of capabilities to defend your positions.
  9. Good switch again, quick... nice. You're welcome for your daily triggered. It seems its quite easy to do by pointing out how your hope and future used her sexual behavior to obtain advances in position, employment, and power. You need to come to terms with that fact. Kamala Harris whored her way to advanced positions. This is widely verified by even the most leftist media, celebrated in fact. If you support this, you are wrong. Only 1% of your own party supported this inbthe primary, why so much now?
  10. Nice switch, The legalization of marijuana is something that i would fully support with the proper taxation structure. (i.e. recouping societal degregation costs and previous enforment costs) Criminal incarceration of personal use is something that also needs to be addressed, including the revisitation of current sentencing as a means of continued rehabilitation. However importation, distribution and auxiliary offenses need to be adhered to fully. YOU and your support of the oppression and treatment of women is unjustifiable, God I pray you never raise daughters, or God forbid in anposition to hire or manage female in the workforce. I shudder to think what your positions could force them to believe they have to act to succeed.
  11. Likely you have. Best repent and acknowledge you need help.
  12. Facts are like kryptonite to you aren't they. Or do you LMGAOAGYDBKKLGDTBT and believe it just magically deflects and nullifies them. Laughing at a fact seems to be the Libtarded mantra of refusing to accept fact.
  13. Teemu demonstrating the proper aiming point for eradication pedophiles in a Antificrat terrorist riot... ......spoiler alert, you dont have to aim to hit a pedo at a AntifaCrat riot, just fire into the air and by law of averages, pedos will fall. Kyle proved this.
  14. Until somebody can come along and spank the politics out this entire situation, there will never be a chance to overcome the damage that the reactions to this have been. Pandemics happen, they can not be eradicated, They will mutate and adapt They will run the course, humans will be susceptible to it, until we are not, vaccines may help that but the world can not shutdown while that process plays out. Walz, Fucci, is not God. Anyone trying to use this just for their own power and control needs to be held accountable by humanity.
  15. Simple solution to these antifa terrorist gatherings. Same way we have dealt with terrorists anywhere else on the globe. And thats kind, what needs to happen to those financing the antifa attacks onnthe country should be MUCH worse. Treat these things as the enemy combatants that they are.
  16. I hope the guy had a mask on, I'd hate to see his close contact result in the cougar getting the 'rona. In seriousness, those bluff charges where nuts, i kept wondering if he would pick up a big rock at least.
  17. Well no, nice try but yes didnread that amAND the multiple links tobthe numerous data and studies that went into the reoprt, dozen or more studies. But you're right, I mean theres not like theres any practical local and constant example of populations are kept seperated and masked at all times that are constantly exhibiting massive outbreaks are there........ wait. !@#$.
  18. Cause, like...... science.... right. But actual science. real data driven science. Not political Bullshitery.
  19. And NO just because you support the sexual oppression of women by supporting the trafficking of their bodies for professional success .... DOES NOT mean it's hunky-dory to supress evidence and let minorities be executed for her own political gain. Did those Black Lives Matter less than her career?
  20. I wish you had a leg to stand on here, you don't, but hey keep telling those women in your life to f#ckn their way to the job they want! One Job leads to another! It works! just take at look at HeelsUP! The slut riding whore onnthe Democrats floor!
  21. As per the interview it appears that she is the wrongly imprisoning and executing innocent people for her own ego and ambition canadiate.
  22. I have to check but I believe they have already spent more for less in return. I may have read that worng thou... so many tweets and signings.
  23. Maybe there's some benefit for streets lined with feces, urine, and STDs perhaps the immune systems out there have built up enough to withstand the WooFlu. You should test it, crap on your moms floor, blow a tranny and see if you develop any antibodies. #CauseScience
  24. They spelled Creepy Joe Pedo wrong. #Heelsup
  25. Except denver guy got shot for spraying terroists with mace. Kyle shot a guy who sprayed kids with his spew to their face. Thats a big difference.
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