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  1. Really what would be the best thing that can happen right now is, We need to make the test for the antibodies available in mass. If that was possible we could certify that we have maybe had this damn thing and not even gotten sick or had it in the past 5 months at some point and thought it was just a cold. If a guy could certify as CovidAntibody positive, BOOM, that's a guy who can go back to working or selling or functioning in society, or helping in healthcare settings to alleviate strain. This gets the economy safely back to functional and with mass testing we would understand the actual herd immunity and truer infection rates. I guess if any healthcare people with knowledge could comment on how that type of testing works it would be interested. I believe that this data could be used to completely combat any attempts to use this pandemic to manipulate the world socio-economic balance that may or may not be taking place. Oh to qualify the thread...…. You peasants can use 5G technology to help with it, I'll use 6G.
  2. Finally a claim of your's that can be considered to have actually come to fruition.
  3. Yeah, dont really know where that brain fart came from... sheeeeesh.
  4. Well the vote has already happened so basically they could find a dead hooker in his St. Louis Blues hockey Bag and it wouldnt change the outcome.
  5. I would think so, at this point I'd say its 80/20 Perunevich over Kawa but who knows. Some of the new voters this year are SUPER anti-und. That and the senior vs junior probably swings it up to dahloot
  6. With everything going on in the world and an April blizzard. Please don't.
  7. Listen. We get it. We've all been there. Times are tough right now, it seems like it may be a good idea to wallow in the worst areas of the internet and to want to conjure your darkest depths of despair. But, please, there is hope, there are better times again, please don't do this to yourself. Sioux sports can get ugly sometimes but in the end know we love you and are hear for you. Dr. Blackheart has been posting the best antidotes available lately. Like everything super dark, and morbid, I'm sure its out there but, I've never found it hope I never do.
  8. The numbers.... If this virus can live for up to 17 days beyond infected people leaving it behind....People who may or may not be symptomatic.... for 35+ days, so really a period of like 50 days or more of danger for someone... who doesnt show symptoms... It's just not humanly possible to quarantine this thing away. Combine this with the rate of transfer this thing has attained and it's impossible. The absolute truth is the cycle of distancing and quarantining would need to be maintained globally for years ...would it not? Italy isn't a mirage, with distancing the numbers are just too high of needing medical care. The death rate is low here, well it won't be as low when the medical resources are stressed so its stupid to keep up this "its only a flu bs". But the world can't just shut the duck down, even more will die of homelessness, suicide, starvation, crime... its a no win. So damn it, I dont see much more of an option than to just go full send on getting the world back to work and invest everything into a vaccine or at least some type of Tamiflu / Tamirona treatment thing. Deal with the hand we have and put the hammer down ... Its all more complicated than that but.. sometimes the card in your hand suck, gotta play what we have though. I dont know its just getting !@#!$... 2 people I know, not locally, have it, 1 is bad 1 is recovering. And I know some very close people that will be financially ruined, loseing their home and generationally crushed by the economics right now. And theres not a goddamn thing we can do about it.
  9. I kinda just want the damn thing now... before the hospitals are maxed. It that or pray to hold out for better treatments... The numbers just dont add up to avoiding the thing.
  10. This is brutally savage and... true... and sad.
  11. No i did not see that one game where a team played two good periods against a also mediocre team in a holiday tourney. You are WILDLY over crediting the results of a single game in evaluating overall performance. If laying a mild beating on a B1G team is the crowning achievement, over half the damn NCAA can lay claim to a #1 seed.
  12. Yes, They were a #1 seed because the lost 2 games. Stregth of that schedule 38th. The beat Ohio 5-2... in a holiday tourney, in Vegas, total crap shoot, not a curb stomping. By any stretch. Unfourtunetly, its a disagreement, well never get a true answer to... sucks.
  13. I watched Cornell 4 times or more this season. They are most definitely overrated. They "might" have hosted a home playoff in the B1G.... maybe. They played 6 games against top 20 teams, highest rank Ohio state. Cornell would not have advanced out of that region. Being ranked 1 in the uscho poll is the definition of east coast bias. Its rediculous to believe they are even a 1 or 2 seed.
  14. This. Cornell was possibly the most overrated team I can remember in college hockey. Strength of schedule was abysmal. Marriuci Cupcake Classic bad. Honestly I'd give Cornell less than 5% chance coming out of that bracket.
  15. In that scenario... Bermidchee would have a heck of a great shot of coming out of it. I'd have put money on the Beavers
  16. Dont forget mandatory diversity percentages for coporate board of directors. One of the top 3 to 4 issues that need to be addressed in an economic meltdown. Dont get high and mighty though... 100% the other side would be sliding their own bull$%!# in if roles were reversed.
  17. I heard a chinese doctor was in cahoots with Putin to spin the committes in favor of the Fighting Hawks name and the logo actually came from a secret red commie lab in Wuhan, next to the biolab, Not the same one. Apparently the whole thing is an attempt to redirect REA hockey revenue to the soon to be announced lacrosse and rugby teams..... who are taking over the the Alerus. After the rapture. Might as well go with this in this thread now. The healthcare workers opinions where interesring though.
  18. We have got a Bingo. This is exactly accurate. In addition the teams success is why guys like Kristo dont get at least a game in the show at the end of a year, as a signing bonus. Years where the team maybe faltered allow guys like Gersich to get a few in before an AHL/Europe career. With this season end having so much uncertainty... Im not suprised we haven't heard much. Lots of uncertainty. But absolutely nothing will happen before the hobey announcement.
  19. This thread is how we end up in the plot of THE POSTMAN.
  20. This was awesome!... Just a damn gem, a cage match, id say in one period there was potentially 70+ penalties. A street fight, AND a live gopher!
  21. Arizona. He committed to Arizona on tweeter
  22. I dont have the mental or psychological strength right now to revisit this crap again. Is what it is. Logo was good. now it's !@#$. Didnt really matter either way this year. I need some TP.
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