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  1. Harry's is coming along nice...essentially a whole new buidling.
  2. that's what im trying to find out about these last two projects....the rocks on 42nd and this dna mural on the side of the rhombus brewery...feel free to do this but not with tax money
  3. what's a tagger...and when you say you painted your own mural...i'm assuming you also paid for it 100 percent? the "mural" at Rhombus says financed by bank forward?
  4. I see Rhombus Brewery is having a "mural" painted on a wall facing the parking ramp....can anyone find out who is paying for this...Federal grants, NEA, or Rhombus guys 100%....seems like a lot of money to paint squares on the side of an old building.
  5. it's almost like zimm wanted to get home to someone really quick and didn't want overtime?
  6. so everything will be out of the little one by BK
  7. that writer says "massive realignment" for the BSC..is losing suu and or nau, ncu, or someone else "massive"
  8. what did trey actually have on his cleats?
  9. has anyone asked the question to ndac and trey....is he leaving this early because he can't keep up the grades at moo u?
  10. according to the media in cass.... lance>hurts
  11. are you serious???? with socialism all needs and wants are provided for free by the state....the future is bright for these young "democratic socialists"
  12. this time it is accurate....
  13. if you consider joe biden black sure...
  14. soooo you didn't see where the money goes?
  15. do a google search and try to donate some money and see where that link goes......
  16. i thought we were talking about whether or not the team should be out on the field for the playing of the national anthem and if they are that all of them should stand at attention? and the answers are yes to the first and hell yes to the second.
  17. why do people keep calling standing for your national anthem a complex issue?
  18. "aww geez if that rapist would've just put his hands behind his back he would be able to walk" bubba (saves a few lives of his current players in the future) "BLM" matt (more than likely just signed off on a death certificate of a few of his players sometime in the future)
  19. me thinks you might have needed some inherent bias training back in the day..haha
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