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  1. if this is true why did it take tothe last week of the season to implement this ballsy attitude!!!!!!!
  2. what a difference a qb that can and will run makes for an offense!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. for some people i guess....lfg and get this w winston style!
  4. yes...if this team can knock down some threes and i think they can betwen bento, norman, bruns, and mitch....
  5. every single person male or female adult should have been there on night two to make sure this crap didn't happen again....kids at home...adults in the streets...problem here is kyle was more mature than the vast majority of residents of kenosha....which is very sad.
  6. he knocked down a big one late in the second...him and norman physically look mature....for freshman.
  7. can you find out what was "said"....
  8. i reread that three times and i still didn't catch it...my bad!
  9. 100%....it's a jarbeled mess....no cohesion...never thought about placing REA right in the middle of bronson like that and build a "city" out from it...that would have been cool!
  10. i said this about chad mustard in the past....mitchell sueker would make a really really nice tight end for bubba and would be a huge upgrade for the football team if and when his bball career ends.
  11. i think this was his first action but he didn't do either of the three last night...he looked lost. assuming he took ethan's minutes who was wearing a knee brace on the sidelines?
  12. all those years all those employees that worked in buildings like Corwin-Larimore must have just have to have starved over there....wowser!
  13. but to tarnish someones' character with accusations are trumped up or false is garbage...if he sucks fire his ass and pay him the money
  14. reid grant showed absolutely nothing last night? sueker looks like a different player from last year but that probably comes from knowing your guy now not the d2 transfer....bruns looked good...norman knocked a few down...and the big football player (howard...i know his name now!) was a spark...he can score! fun game
  15. hope rittenhouse sues both of them and the autistic guy testifies again......
  16. what could have been if bubba would've just been like zim yesterday and had everyone slant down right and given the ball to otis and said "go win the game"
  17. only thing is are they using this politically correct world we are living in as an excuse to get rid of a guy instead of just firing his ass?
  18. heard that tiffin "said something" which lead to the suspension/leave and that they are using that to get out of the rest of his contract......
  19. https://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/letters/7279099-Letter-It’s-unconscionable-that-the-UND-School-of-Medicine-has-no-food-service-options to be this person......
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