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  1. i find it shocking that the libs are ok with each state saying...no signature..that's ok....mailed ballot with a postmark of nov 11th...mark it up! name doesn't match the signature...looks good to me....dead guy not on the voter registration...heck at that age he probably would've voted for biden....put it on the board!!!. plus kicking out poll watchers and putting up boards over windows....nothing to hide this has always been going to the supreme court and i think that is why the left lost it when ginsberg was taken off life support and trump put an ace in hole in acb i hope claren
  2. agreed...kash patel was given the keys to the jaguar and maybe and he popped the clutch..just wondering why powell would have physical custody of that server and not kash or someone inside the DOD or something.
  3. makes me wonder too...what if there was video of biden and obama openingly talking about the algorithm and shown uploading it on a ballot machine?...would the left say 'nothing to see here" or "its a deep fake"....
  4. why would she have physical possession of those servers...wouldn't that be something that the CIA or other deep state players wouldn't let a private usa citizen have since it sounds like our DOD or armed forces seized it...
  5. or maybe don't vote for democrats (walz)
  6. why tell them if you fell fine? this is the game that people are playing right now....u want a nice little vacation just tell your boss you had close contact (please define) with someone that had/has it and you can go play COD for two weeks.
  7. why be scared and why get a test? why?
  8. they didn't have time to vote down ballot AND fold the mail in ballot
  9. say that without laughing...you can't.
  10. democrats/deep state were 0-3 in last 4 years...wouldn't it be great if trump went 1 for 1? russia russia russia
  11. this is exactly what dr. shiva was saying when he says he was frauded out of his senate seat....why would someone get 2.1 votes?
  12. dershowitz says trump would win infront of SCOTUS if he pleads equal protection clause...i agree bc why would i vote knowing that wayne county, fulton county, and the others made up rules to accept any and all ballots...no signature! looks good to me! postmarked nov 5th....!!!! looks good to me!!!!!!!!! signature doesn't match???? who care!!!!! count it!!! joke
  13. if this is what sidney has seen and she can prove it..........
  14. canadians and hygiene don't go well together.
  15. obviously your following this like me....two people that don't lose a lot if ever and they seem to have seen things that would make biden say "come on man" and george papa keeps tweeting about election reversal....
  16. first thing she did with flynn was point out that his current lawyer was a deep state rat....
  17. But of course this is the biggest battle that Powell has ever faced by far. Either she will win and become a legend, or she will lose and her reputation will be completely and utterly destroyed. The stakes could not be much higher for her personally, but she seems quite confident of victory. In fact, here are 12 quotes from Powell that show why she is so convinced that Trump will end up in the White House for a second term… sidney > deep state
  18. https://www.grandforksherald.com/newsmd/coronavirus/6766034-At-769-deaths-one-in-every-1000-North-Dakotans-has-died-from-COVID-19 "from" or "with".....
  19. i think one of the biggest reasons why these tech ceo's arent' scared of Congress is that these Big Tech companies are quietly on the gov payroll (foreign and domestic) and know they are untouchable. #auditthefed
  20. is see red pepper/tellman is selling the skinny lot next to original pepper....might be prime spot for someone that loves the pep
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