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  1. you asked me to PM you a few weeks ago too...me thinking you might be on here for different reasons than the other average fighting Sioux fans...just saying.
  2. with demers road construction done why is the farmers market still by city hall?
  3. "minority" health issues make as much sense as the phrase "social" justice
  4. in about 20 years that young man will look back at this and wonder why did i ever listen to don lemon
  5. just saw that...see if gundy "does a brees"
  6. if we get a chipotle now maybe we can land em!!!!!!!!!
  7. sorry to tell you this but what america needs more of are assholes bc they don't give out participation trophies. it's really really really hard to to feel empathy for someone tweeting they can't afford their rent/mortgage from their iphone 20 s max, inside their 2019 Honda Passport, driving back from picking up pizza from a place that charges 28 bucks for a cheese pizza.
  8. if robin david would have ran on this platform she might have won...
  9. does ashley hardee make more than tiffin?
  10. love how popovich and kerr spout off about kneeling in the nfl....iirc it is a fineable offense in the nba and are subject to suspension i think too...all started with chris jackson (mamoud abuld raouff)...david stern nipped it in the bud bc he knew it was bad for business. how about you clean your own house pop and stevie before talking about goodell's house.
  11. normally i respect what charles barkley says...has he weighed in on any of this stuff?
  12. pretty sure if you crunch the numbers it would make more sense to offer uber/lyft credits to people that NEED the bus service instead of 99% empty buses running all over town advertising...with the flip side of the people that NEED it getting pickup at their front doors and dropped off at the front door of where they are going.
  13. thought you were kidding...yeah they burnt it down.
  14. what would happen if jaxson turner asked shane pinto which comedian was his favorite and he replied richard pryor and he asked which stand up routine was his favorite of Richard's and shane replied "bicentennial ______"...
  15. has bo said he's cutting the bus service entirely....like completely gone... or cutting it back..streamlined?
  16. could be a casualty of the plandemic...i see the yoga shop in EGF is closing. gotta think some other small businesses are barely holding on bc some people are still scared to leave their bunkers.
  17. its the old simonsons lumber by the kennedy bridge...condos/apartments on one side of the street and they did a little strip mall across the street
  18. just like the corona crazies moved the goal posts from flatten the curve to "not one death"...shows stats disproving then move to ambiguous claims of "systematic ____________"
  19. thomas sowell might disagree with your take on that...maybe read his comparison to NBA refs to break it down for you with a sports analogy
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