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  1. Why hasn't anyone mentioned MM's parents...have they apologized about not teaching him right from wrong? did they make him vonlunteer at Options, ARC, or a battered woman's shelter for a year instead of playing hockey after school. there is a reason that JUVENILE cases are supposed to be sealed...if you have shi8&y parents you will probably be a shi*&y person/kid and do bad things because you weren't raised right. once your turn 18 it's on you to figure it out...some people will stay that bully/rapist/abuser their whole life.... has MM had any run in's with the law sin
  2. define sincere?...should he hold a press conference and rip out his hair...cut off a finger...cry silently while staring at the camera for five minutes.
  3. on university ave they finally finished the landscaping down the middle...they have some cool internally lit oblisks...seem to be a simple hollow design with led lights inside them...assuming they are much cheaper than the lights proposed downtown that are suposed to lit from inside with blue lights... maybe the city can copy the university and maybe save a few bucks...
  4. was holding out hope for top 3 but who cares.!
  5. assuming that schloss got bullied a lot growing up...he's gonna run with this till the kid cries on camera.
  6. the st johns block "project" is four years in the making....
  7. assuming it's gonna looke like something out of an old mafia movie...
  8. would nau be okay with a wac like that...wouldn't see too much snow again...could help recruting?
  9. so Primetime gets 100K if Jackson States moves to a different conference....assuming they are then trying/auditioning for that conference...what conference would that be?
  10. assuming that the parcel of green lawn that abuts demers belongs to the townhouse owners...if they can keep the noise over there that would help. plus it would look nice for people coming down the overpass and seeing that on their left. cam tweten still the owner ofthe group that bought the townhouse?
  11. that's true...stand corrected....anyone else?
  12. every team should have a black option...in a normal year it cold be advertised as a blackout weekend...volleyball, football, and hockey...i think the reason why the grays didn't work is that no other sport/team has/had those over the years? it just looked odd off topic but still think its kinda neat that a city like pittsburgh has their pro teams all with the same colors.
  13. so your saying that AD hasn't fully realized that there is more than just hockey?....agreed...these jersey's are sharp and hopefully they sell a few (with or without personalization).
  14. any chance of alternate helmets....black?
  15. define really sick...so your saying that a virus got into their immune system and they didn't feel 100% and they rested on campus or at home and got better..... who would've thought...
  16. didn't know we were getting new uni's...look sharp! and the new turf! blackuniformsmatter
  17. been tons of those guys over the years...wonder what the story is behind the scenes...grades, the allure of a smallish contract, homesickness...would love to had jost around a little longer.
  18. Harry's is coming along nice...essentially a whole new buidling.
  19. that's what im trying to find out about these last two projects....the rocks on 42nd and this dna mural on the side of the rhombus brewery...feel free to do this but not with tax money
  20. what's a tagger...and when you say you painted your own mural...i'm assuming you also paid for it 100 percent? the "mural" at Rhombus says financed by bank forward?
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