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  1. i think most people are pointing out the obvious..if he really showed FBS or even FCS talent he would be playing at that level....
  2. jordan signed with csu...how is chicago state even open as a school at this point much less sponsoring d1 athletics?
  3. it is confusing only because the rams share a city and stadium with a team that starts with a C...imo no city should have more than one professional team of the same sport much less the same stadium.
  4. those feathers spell out something but i can't really read it ...
  5. who was it on here that said he's gonna be playing on sundays????? d2???
  6. i think he's lost the confidence of his teammates...what is his record against good teams again?
  7. after seeing ring's/amazon new mini drone for home security you wonder how small is the smallest drone that the us military uses right now...smaller than a fly and as quiet as a senior citizen during the lawrence welk show?
  8. walmart's new subscription service will put amazon out of business in 10 years
  9. nice building (even nice with all new windows)...nice location. hope they fill it up.
  10. thought i went thru that gf developement link but i didn't see the building for the old site of dakotah tv and appliance downtown and the new "convention center" next to sky's? they still in th works with rona going around?
  11. what's going into the old premier living building by kelly's bar...i see lots of windows and reno going on? boy is gershman doing work at his steakhouse...basically he bought the three walls of bricks...he's dong new inside floor, roof, pretty much everything.
  12. a geometric one that is a cross between our old sioux geometric logo and ball states's geometrical one would be nice...no comic book hawks please
  13. soft sell on a secondary logo..which i think we need...but not that one...a geometric one would be great. edit..i see the trademark on there? does that mean anything?
  14. I meant not having the numbers of the helmets...those will be put on when the roster and games and players are all sorted?
  15. could that just be a practice thingy?
  16. could've "borrowed" from the mountain west....just switch the "w" to a "v" and add schools colors and boom.
  17. how much did GF spend on a pile of rocks by the alerus? what's the number to call to report all the junk sitting around the area around the urban stampede? it's starting to look like a homeless camp in that area. there seems to a homeless australian around there that thinks painting garbage white and placing in the middle of the sidewalk is "artsy".
  18. saw the sign out front the other day...forgot to post it on here...good news for sure
  19. i like how city gov refers to federal money almost as free....i've been waiting for those light towers to finish up the streetscape in downtown gf...but...had no idea how damn expensive they were (per gf heraldo article that i can't find)...so the city canceled/postponed them because of the plandemic but are now revisiting ordering them...for a cost of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars thru Badman Studios? wtf? couldn't those "towers" be a high school project in shop? how about grand forks welding?
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