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  1. i remember watching und play gonzaga a few years back thinking that we were close to getting to that level of atheticism....it's been downhill ever since imo
  2. welcome to the forum...please follow your own recommendations when you post on here...no rumors only facts and only verfiied facts...welcome doug
  3. so using a sports forum to find out if something is true or not is like eating crayons? nice take
  4. did luke ever set foot on campus...apples to oranges.
  5. you think the heraldo is gonna piss off wes...they only have about large clients left? if scholls is a true "reporter" he goes rogue if this story is true and uploads in the middle of the night
  6. Has anyone tried Eddie's whiskey...sounds like Hennesy can't wait to get his hands on a bottle or two. How much are they? And is Eddie in Omaha in the bubble because I heard someone say that the "the Eagle has Landed in Omaha.'
  7. next time get my typos too....this=is
  8. why is wes the bad guy? why is bb making 400k a bad thing? if wes feels like these spoiled babies are disrespecting the flag...money talks and he has every right to give and to take back
  9. i think outside sitting for the 5 or 6 months will allow a cool little setup inside and out..
  10. try being a basketball fan at a school that this hockey first...nothing wrong with that but it sucks sometimes
  11. less money the hockey team the less money the football team, volleyball team, and basketball team have....trickle down to the sports that are fighting for every dollars they can find.... brad berry should've gone 100% like the hockey coach out east that said that anyone kneeling out there get the !@#$ out.
  12. what if their is no next car dealer up....good job brad berry.
  13. coaches? maybe free use of cars...
  14. Wes pulled sponsorship(s) and the free cars bc of our two social justice warriors...anyone heard this anywhere?
  15. midco must be hurting but at least they are trying with this streaming service
  16. should rename it nchc.tv.maybe
  17. he really really stood out.....even more than nero! those two were nice pickups for sather...i didn't see much of shockey after he stepped on that guys foot?
  18. desktop is working now...not sure why they don't have a cast button instead of "mirror casting"....
  19. tech support should hae their own credentials to ss.com
  20. buddy had same issue...worthless app sometimes...perfect the next...he tried to cast from his iphone and the cast icon was gray and didn't do anything? nchc.tv said they did have a problme during the game.
  21. your first sentence is confusing...."love casting from your iphone but it won't work from your "phone"..."...by buddy had a problem casting from his iphone...the cast icon was gray...n/a! the emailed and said there was a problem with the app....
  22. i was one a few people on here that worked on "operation roughrider" with your brother...he was awesome
  23. big ben will still be slingin' it for at least 5 more years imo
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