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  1. i think his name is lakesbison...
  2. haha forgot...maybe he was 6'11" and a smidge!
  3. when it's all added probably not...but let's play some damn football
  4. wentz was a physical freak...big tall fast accurate....couldn't stay healthy in high school, college, or the nfl trey...to be determined but he is as good as my bison friends were saying tho....he has all the tools himself. first pick don't think so but if he keeps progressing he will be picked very high imo
  5. hope he gets to 7 feet...first 7 footer since James Baird (sp)?????
  6. that's kinda why i said "some" money...you would think that TV revenue would go for more with not fans allowed...but a fun game against UTEP on a hot sunny saturday afternoon in el paso on tv would be fine with me anda lot of miners and hawks fans.
  7. they are saying not only first round.....but first pick!
  8. you read my mind...go make some money and play down south in the sun during the day
  9. u wonder if they just shut down their fb program permanently.
  10. to's are such a killer...those last few years of brew ball were almost unwatchable with so many pointless stupid to's...hooker i think took care of the ball but marlon could have some off games...will be fun to see the weber transfer (assuming starting point guard?)
  11. TE has been non-existent for almost a decade or more now...just ask jimm k
  12. you normally don't ask questions...you tell us what is going to happen...ask around?
  13. bye bye muddy rivers what's going on withthe Kegs?
  14. now if UND can just get ugly alternating colored seating like the above pic and i think Holt Arena we might be on to something!
  15. Interesting that Walowack will be the GM? bc Matt owns the Ground Round i think....
  16. what are the odds the the mcfc updates that old ass crappy logo and we will have to change those out in the next couple of years....that is one hideous logo...everthing else is good..can't believe we have a logo at midfield...somewhere in las vegas kris mecgreery is fuming.
  17. assuming that miller and schloss already don't like armacost and maybe chaves bc they aren't getting accurate covid number from UND so they can sprint fear porn on their webpage to get them clicks? *edit...thought that ndac's #'s were football only hence the FB thread...13 for all athletes i guess.
  18. yeah that started strong but nothing for quite a while now
  19. anyone wondering if those beefy roof trusses on Gershman's new building are meant for a rooftop deck? they are much beefier than the roof they took down.
  20. u should write for the heraldo...good click bait headline..."outbreak"...omg click on article to find out.....1 player! (ad revenue flows in!)
  21. think the malpractice bowl is still played there too? maybe?
  22. gershman's new steak place is totally replacing the roof (trusses and everything)...makes you wonder about a rooftop eating area? (saw the lawyer howe looking in the windows when i biked by and man oh man is that guy weird looking)
  23. half brothers got rid of their communal seating benches...assuming bc of covid but it looks nice...they have i think sofas and tall top tables with chairs...
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