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  1. so she could've died from 3 (mrsa, pneumonia, or heroin) things but Burgum went full fearporn and said Covid now "wear your masks!"
  2. go outside and go for a walk...you'd be surpised to find out that it's kinda nice out there (unless u live in portland)
  3. any Western Nodakers wanna look into the link above and see if the assumption of a drug od was the true cause of death...her name should be pretty easy to get from the obits and then ask around.... nice journalisming done over there ....making the heraldo look bad again. surprised rob port hasn't done some digging into the "with" or "of" cod
  4. hayduck does...why can't you get on board to crazy town...come on!
  5. imagine a cop a year ago walking into a basement where a 20 year old guy had just shot his face off with a shotgun and the cop sees dayquil and snot filled tissues on his nightstand and turns to the detective walking in the door and says..."another flu death."
  6. bingo! i brought this up a week or so ago about cdc numbers....why are we using the term "with" instead of "of"...is burgrum a rhino or just scared to stop this damn madness!!
  7. why didn't they connect the union to swanson underground? not sure if i like the look of the union kinda connecting to a building that doesn't necessarily match?
  8. kelly howe was wondering why if your season is canceled why are you still practicing...could someone at the heraldo go ask bubba if the 3 reasons why he points are true and if so is that the end game?
  9. "depends on what the definition of the word is is?" bill clinton
  10. sowell says when talking with libs...make them define their words...define "effective"
  11. i think his name is lakesbison...
  12. some people absolutely love living in the past...i'm sure your one of them...betcha some of your "friends" call you uncle rico behind your back.
  13. history has told me the first person to bring up race is normally the racist....or a white liberal.
  14. u also must know that north dakota is kinda normal when it comes to things and left-wing commy cities/state are 100% opposite...u know this right? remember in it's when you live in CHICAGO not Carrington where you "vote early...and vote often." lol
  15. haha forgot...maybe he was 6'11" and a smidge!
  16. when it's all added probably not...but let's play some damn football
  17. wentz was a physical freak...big tall fast accurate....couldn't stay healthy in high school, college, or the nfl trey...to be determined but he is as good as my bison friends were saying tho....he has all the tools himself. first pick don't think so but if he keeps progressing he will be picked very high imo
  18. hope he gets to 7 feet...first 7 footer since James Baird (sp)?????
  19. that's kinda why i said "some" money...you would think that TV revenue would go for more with not fans allowed...but a fun game against UTEP on a hot sunny saturday afternoon in el paso on tv would be fine with me anda lot of miners and hawks fans.
  20. they are saying not only first round.....but first pick!
  21. you read my mind...go make some money and play down south in the sun during the day
  22. lots of assumptions going on there...lots.
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