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  1. 30 below zero or some alligators and voodoo priestesses...easy choice
  2. that would put that them at nine members? with little rock incoming too
  3. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/33144929/colonial-athletic-association-adding-hampton-monmouth-stony-brook-conference
  4. this one is a little different since it hit close to home....can you imagine the pain those people went thru..walking 11 miles in that crap...and they just let him go home. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/minnesota/florida-man-granted-conditional-release-in-human-smuggling-case
  5. streets are bad again...any workers out and about?
  6. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PG53bwd_jSULLtEU2LO0sU09Dd54coY1S1asvrPuvk0/edit?usp=sharing leave a comment...
  7. so sun belt got rid of both non fb schools now...interesting.
  8. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33126868/hawaii-rainbow-warriors-hire-timmy-chang-next-head-football-coach should be fun to see how tommy does....
  9. say this to a co-worker of mine and it takes on a whole different meaning
  10. imagine if we had a world class university, city, and arena to recruit to.....or just be western michigan
  11. can the kraken fire hak and replace him with bub, dane, and karl?
  12. i remember when schollss was intereiwed about the first half of the seaons a few weeks ago....he had me thinking that this teams was just starting to gel a little and that the second half of the season should be fun.....complete dud
  13. he should've trademarked that....he used that for years.
  14. "come at me bro".......(while one 170lbs friend holds you back with one hand)
  15. yes they would....too much money!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. so under this plan about 12 fcs teams would finally move up and fill out the MWC, AAC, MAC, and sun belt.... so essentially Alabama would play the best team of 32 schools of the MWC and Sun Belt (lookin' at you NDAC)....here's the game Izzo wants...primetime...on ESPN...in Tuscaloosa. and Georgia (seed 2) would get the best team from the AAC and the MAC.....Akron Zips anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. i have a whole google sheets powerpoint built for this idea.... every year on the same day all 16 MWC conference members play their sister conference Sun Belt teams and the winner of the most games hosts that super conference championship game on campus with the winner going to the 16 team playoffs same thing for the AAC and their sister conference the MAC plus ....the 8 northern MWC schools play the 8 southern schools on the same day and whatever division has the most wins host the MWC championship on campus too..... same with AAC / MAC
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