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  1. true...not very polished of a player...had his moments but were offset by those head scratchers....turnovers...missed open shots.
  2. is 5k big enough?...you would think that would only take care of und fans either traveling there or living in the area?
  3. did rick rickert make the team this year?
  4. wondering the same thing...their instagram is worthless unless you wanna know what kind of coffee the athletes like to drink
  5. i see that the St John's block reno is still going somewhat forward...wonder if a bar/restaurant will still be on the second level overlooking demers?
  6. assuming all EGF restaurants are on life support right now
  7. i know moody could shoot but he couldn't not guard anyone.....
  8. sounds like we're going to the big big10 in hockey and MWC in everything else?
  9. that's what i told my friend...haha...when my/his wifi goes down you just unplug the modem and your good....lots of canned responses to my questions but a cordial convo on both sides with the guy on the phone.
  10. i called sidearm with my thoughts on the app...said CC internet went down last night. didn't sound too confident that it would be up tonight. nice that within ten seconds you can actually have a live person on the phone.
  11. that's what i'm wondering...if you have to be logged into your midco home wifi what good is this if your a coffee shop or something and wanna watch a little sports?
  12. if augie goes to the WAC and they need a travel partner conference member............. UND NDAC USD SDSU Minny St SCSU Minot State Bemidji State Duluth
  13. agree with denver to a point but if umkc and oru go back and they drop chicago state....pretty tight south/west (one outlier in seattle but hope the get back to the wcc) conference WITH the prestige of FBS...
  14. wonder if schools like denver or oral roberts or umkc jump back to the wac maybe.....they change conferences every five years anyways and the weather is always better when you travel south instead of darn near canada
  15. kinda fun to have fbs then fcs....lots of football to watch yet this winter/spring
  16. all eyes on our new d coordinator....interesting to see if he revamps everything or stick to eric's plan...
  17. that int he threw was pathetic.....
  18. interesting...iirc he called our first nchc game against miami?....will be nice if he called our first BTN conference game against the gophers!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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