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  1. can't they replace her with the "guam is going to tip over" guy please.
  2. az is gonna be red within 24 hours...just worried that penn and georgia will print enough votes to swing it....but this election will end in the courts and a lot of "found' ballots will be dismissed...trump will win this.
  3. divert all flights from gfk to nashville? or austin?
  4. heydouche...ten hours and waiting by my count
  5. even the clintons can't make up 800k votes...it's over..maybe
  6. i don't think so...follow the money....lots of people on the gov payroll....
  7. audit the fed....dems run to the hills
  8. cnn in full blown panic mode....MAILINBALLOTS
  9. 700k votes in penn...even for the clintons thats alot of fuckaerydadchinkchancery.....trump20202
  10. russia hoax right down to the end.......
  11. buddy just sent a link showing a catapult setup near an overpass in Seattle! must watch tv tonight!
  12. making me nervous that heydouche is gone......
  13. any numbers from minnesota...can't wait to troll my minny friends that they live a red state!
  14. stock market still predicting Trump....up 600+
  15. just like a good socialist....someone else does the work and you take credit for it...just ban him anyways at midnight tonight.
  16. tell that to the university of central florida
  17. would the mods allow a poll... trump biden jo ?
  18. why was juicey smollet doing in grand rapids?
  19. just ask dr shiva what he thinks about voter fraud thru computer chicanery.
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