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  1. agreed...wearing masks 100% of the time is pure craziness.
  2. the fullback dive doesn't sell a lot of tickets......
  3. one scholly left? seems like the whole damn team left or transferred?
  4. why can't coaches "come back"? never killed anyone and according to steve sarkecian...being an alcoholic is a disease
  5. looks officail now with the texas t girl
  6. seems like this current team loved spending time picking out cute masks....never saw pic of any of the players all year without a mask...
  7. didn't see the game....numbers looked good but some posters were saying he looked average at best today?
  8. isn't that what a message board is all about...rant and ask questions?
  9. call jimmy call dr death, call mr chipman....call norm skalicky, call engelstad's sister brothers sister in greenbush.......find the damn money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. no bruise...no murder but mob rule is the new standard i guess
  11. qb u is now very very one dimensional....
  12. so who burned down the ambassodor last night...gfhockey?
  13. is there a coach that stayed behind when sather left that he wants to rejoin him in grand forks?
  14. thought he was still in sodak
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