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  1. can't tell if this mutual or he quit or he was fired?
  2. https://hbcusports.com/2021/01/04/meet-the-recruiting-service-that-helped-jackson-state-win-national-signing-day/ are we using a service like this and if not why....
  3. after what peterson did on sunday night he should get a one year ban from the nfl...
  4. did he get off the sauce bc he played second fiddle to Nick? hope he can keep it up being the head guy again. hope he does well
  5. if your bringing up stats from 3 or 4 years ago....problematic...."what have you done for me NOW" is mantra on the NFL...right now carson is dogcrap
  6. has carson's demise hurt trey? one thing that an announcer said during the miami / las vegas game is "there is a big difference between alabama open and nfl open"...good point...tua had is very very east at alabama...drop back, plant foot and let er rip.... same thing with carson...did the game get too fast for him?
  7. never good to lose your best player during the year...glad the guy changed his mind...transfer out in the summer if you like but stick it out this year.
  8. if you bought brand new car and when you went to start it up each morning and it only started 50 percent of the time would you be happy....then you call the dealership and they ask "do you have gas in it....did you leave your lights on....are you using the correct key fob?" and you answered....yes, no, yes and then they just said "oh well" how happy would you be with your car/dealership?
  9. would be funny if MWC commish and presidents voted Boise State out and said enjoy your independence....and replaced them with the griz....grizzly stadium on a saturday night in the snow against wyoming would be fun to watch
  10. maybe hadju wasn't the problem...
  11. exactly...traveling to boise or san diego or LV?...easy choice in nov or december....but the blue turf!!!!!!!!!!
  12. they still think they are the feel good team that beat oklahoma 15 years ago on a trick play in the Fiesta Bowl....in the west there isn't much here....they need someone to join them and i dont see one other school that wants to travel that far to play old dominion or east carolina?
  13. 2020 hasn't been too good to geno by the looks of this pic...
  14. so there was a shortage of old hanes t-shirts to make clothe masks when fauci said don't wear a mask? interesting.
  15. any benefit of a paper mask is nullified the second someone pulls out a three week old mask from their back pocket before going into hugo's....
  16. no he doesn't believe it but it gets clicks where is BSU going btw?
  17. there are videos of this small guy named fauci that said at the beginning of this back in february NOT to wear masks....interesting. but science
  18. if your afraid of a virus with a survival rate of 99.9% stay in your basement with your teddy bear....as for getting more people into the alerus center i couldn't think of a worse or dumber way of doing so by having people asked for their medical records at the door.
  19. comparing a vaccine id card to actually having a ticket to the event or proving your 21 or having a document proving a US citizen is quite the leap. nice try.
  20. yes i have a problem with having to show documentation of any kind to attend public events....
  21. according to some one this board only those that show proof of taking the covid19 vaccine....
  22. haha..."show me your papers comrade or you can't enjoy UND football"...think attendance is lacking at the alerus already? do this and you'll be able to hear our qb calling the plays in the huddle in the luxury boxes.
  23. looks like abilene christian and incarante word have offered too...hope he wants to be closer to home and likes snow
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