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  1. u wonder if they just shut down their fb program permanently.
  2. https://www.ielts.org/en-us/what-is-ielts/ielts-for-migration/canada
  3. i like how you quote "cases" how about the goalpost be "deaths" and how about deaths from covid...not "with" fake news lol
  4. 160,000....were those "with' covid or "because" of covid shouldn't it be a little over 60,000. fake news lol
  5. to's are such a killer...those last few years of brew ball were almost unwatchable with so many pointless stupid to's...hooker i think took care of the ball but marlon could have some off games...will be fun to see the weber transfer (assuming starting point guard?)
  6. what's funny it's not a tough question...if rent is "bad" are you willing to build apartments or houses and not charge rent (preferably with high speed internet for free too). yes...or....no
  7. once again i just want to ask if it would it would have 48 units or 96 units rent free.
  8. i would just like to ask him/her if him/her would be willing to build an apartment complex in grand forks and not charge rent. simple question.
  9. no to most of your questions....would just love to know if the guy with a bullhorn would be willing to build a 48plex apartment complex by King's Walk and not charge rent. Put your money where your mouth is.
  10. anyone recognize anyone at the "democratic" communist gathering downtown...would love to see who some these looney's are? and by the looks of the pics they are using a lot of their free $600 per week on food.
  11. TE has been non-existent for almost a decade or more now...just ask jimm k
  12. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/COVID19/index.htm closing in on Obama's swine flu debacle...60k covid deaths and counting. 59,837
  13. but it hasn't been done right/correctly.
  14. so a "young female" wouldn't work...plus how can you tell if it's a female...lots of assuming going on there. young? maybe female? who knows? Caucasian? could have two black parents....
  15. love how they have to have a descriptor under the photo? gotta love identity politics.. Portrait of a young Caucasian girl wearing a white medical mask on a background of nature and cityscape, coronavirus, air pollution concept
  16. any outlet that spent 3 years reporting fake news every night about "russia, russia, russia" and then don't admit they were lying=fake news
  17. you normally don't ask questions...you tell us what is going to happen...ask around?
  18. bye bye muddy rivers what's going on withthe Kegs?
  19. good...now those NATO countries can actually pay their NATO bills? dawhoops. lol
  20. Fox has HAS gotten a few stories right but on the other hand if u watch CNN know that the truth is 100% opposite of what they are telling you...if you don't agree just ask George Papadosoulous or Carter Page.
  21. how do we know it "vanished" in these areas if these said areas were never highly tested lol
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