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  1. exactly...there is still a 50/50 on Trump or Biden, still 50/ 50 on the Senate and its a done deal the Rep. killed it in the House....but yeah the market is loving the neocons getting back into the swamp??????!!!!!!
  2. better question is what legal trouble will Joe and Hunter have in 2020 and on...... (active case of money laundering going on as we speak)
  3. https://www.dhs.gov/news/2020/10/29/border-wall-system-deployed-effective-and-disrupting-criminals-and-smugglers oooh i remember when illegal crossing of the border wasn't political..
  4. didn't bernie say bread lines were good...because he will eventually get it.
  5. u can't make this stuff up sometimes...it's already the biden economy stupid
  6. are those "with" or "of"....just asking for a friend with a drug problem
  7. and since it got rid of that howe guy downtown is much more safe without that creeper creepin' around...
  8. after that press conference it's refreshing to know that biden appointed people to prominent positions bc they were a latino, a gay, a woman, blind, and or all of the above... #resist
  9. who is being denied access to screenings and preventative healthcare on a regular basis?
  10. it's pretty easy to give away "free" things when you pay very little for you military when you know that big brother down south will protect you.
  11. when the chinese come over there is a reason why they live win within a hour of our military...
  12. harrys....assuming that the stuff on top will be holding lettering for the name?
  13. what's your source on the 5-25? if this is so absurd why did they vote 2-2 to not certify?
  14. but isn't this hypothetical exactly what is happening in michigan? they signed off on it just to move it on.....
  15. hypothetical... a county in michigan has 100k residents and 50k of them registered to vote...after the election all the ballots are counted and sent to the state capital with 150k votes for Biden and 25k votes for Trump....the county signs off on the numbers even though the numbers are waaaaaay out of line.... what's the next process?
  16. any day any time anywhere...i just want to watch or listen to some bball this winter!!!!!!! even if it came to playing ndac, sdsu, usd five times each i'm in........
  17. https://www.bemidjipioneer.com/business/6771081-Not-exactly-the-easiest-pill-to-swallow-Local-bar-owners-speak-on-second-round-of-closures surprised that these owners are throwing fire at walz in these articles....half way thru he admits that this "4 week cooling off period" will more than likely be longer than 4 weeks...remember 15 days to bend the curve?
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