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  1. yep...moving dirt around. an unseen project you can't see from uni ave is the parking lot going up where the steam plant used to be..gonna be a huge parking lot south of the engineering school and the carnegie library.
  2. Hugo's lifts their mask mandate for CUSTOMERS but... just talked to a young lady cashier at Hugo's...she says non-vaccinated employees have to wear a mask /vaccinated don't have to the girl i was talking to was almost crying bc of medical issues she can't get the vaccine and doesn't want to quit she said half of the employees are vaccinated question...Does Hugo's mean forever or until herd immunity kicks in? if it's a forever thing i and alot of other people will probably never shop at Hugo's again
  3. wonder if the owners of hornbachers knew what they were getting into...
  4. i have at least one fan on here?
  5. not sure but there are sue a lot of apartments up and going up....
  6. not sure why they didn't do balconies on the corner apartments?
  7. The Argyle downtown on demers
  8. yep...someone causing trouble is another man's virtue signaler
  9. two plays that really stick out for me in the past couple of years with a running qb are. 1. studs run against wyoming 2. brockstar against sammy houston a mobile/running qb is almost a must nowadays ...tommy turtled up early in the jmu game when the pocket collaseped on him...not sure why because he has shown he can (sammy game)
  10. did you even have to send that email to know the answer?
  11. yep...would have been cool to see the inside
  12. cool house with the "porch" on the roof!
  13. their (for u geauxsioux) are only steers and top heavy canadian lateral moving quitting o-lineman
  14. google implicit bias bc your guilty as sin.
  15. when eastern michigan calls with a full ride does you keep moving up the chain?
  16. Jim Turner-TSU o-line coach A Boston native, Turner was a four-year letterman as a fullback under Jack Bicknell at Boston College. He served as team captain in his senior season and played in three bowl games at BC — Cotton, Hall of Fame, and Liberty — during his career. Joe Pawlak A three-year starter at NIU, Pawlak started the final 41 games of his career and appeared in 52 total games. As a member of the 2011 MAC championship team, he was part of an offensive line that allowed just 12 sacks to rank 10th in the nation for fewest sacks allowed as the NIU offense broke 12 single
  17. hope kyle sees this
  18. only two things in Texas....................
  19. had bizon buddy's saying stick was better than carson...just like zeb is better than trey who is better than carson who is better than..............
  20. for a couple of years...yeah...no fifth year option imo
  21. he won't being southern illinois or western illinois or northern iowa....Los Angeles, Arizona, and Denver to name a few
  22. carson has one year to prove himself or he's done....easton is a dime a dozen...and mr lance will be getting a lot of money to play against non-directional teams.
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