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  1. ? why wouldn't/didn't you see your "brothers" as equals?
  2. trust me...most people know what BLM means=donation to Biden who authored the 1994 crime bill...maybe Matt should point that out to some of those guys in the video and then maybe have them meet Alice Johnson. just a thought
  3. so condemning a rapist who went back to his victim's house to rob her and kidnap her kid and was reaching back into his van for a knife is a complex issue? maybe it is bc a guy like drew brees had jacob's name on his helmet a month ago? interesting times we live in
  4. But it's not complex when you really think about it... These young men are tools of the media bc they believe everything that CNN tells them. And by the looks of it Matt hasn't figured it out yet either which is a shame considering his age
  5. you do know that just bc your affiliate members of a conference (big 12) wrasslin' doesn't make your a full conference member...when ndac had ksu on their schedule they thought that was a conference game.
  6. do you know how many bizon fans i have had to explain the difference between FBS and FCS do you know how many bizon fans i have had to explain the difference between the MVC and MVFC do you know how many bizon fans i have had to explain the difference between the Mississippi VALLEY State and Mississippi State? do you know how many bizon fans I have to explain to that there is no such thing as 'Summit League" Football
  7. remember to the average bizon fan they just beat arkansas.......
  8. he was old school.. rip
  9. so BSC is setting itself up for a nice 14 (7 east/ 7 west) team all sports conference with the soon to be announce invites to UND, NDSU, USD, and SDSU....(too soon)?
  10. haha saw that...sorry. one guy seems to thinks its an existing d1 school...interesting to see who it is.
  11. what makes you think its a BSC member...some/lots think its some alphabet school in middle of texas
  12. i think most people are pointing out the obvious..if he really showed FBS or even FCS talent he would be playing at that level....
  13. jordan signed with csu...how is chicago state even open as a school at this point much less sponsoring d1 athletics?
  14. it is confusing only because the rams share a city and stadium with a team that starts with a C...imo no city should have more than one professional team of the same sport much less the same stadium.
  15. those feathers spell out something but i can't really read it ...
  16. who was it on here that said he's gonna be playing on sundays????? d2???
  17. i think he's lost the confidence of his teammates...what is his record against good teams again?
  18. after seeing ring's/amazon new mini drone for home security you wonder how small is the smallest drone that the us military uses right now...smaller than a fly and as quiet as a senior citizen during the lawrence welk show?
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