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  1. i agree that some fans might not be happy with it at the excel every year.....the league will want the tourney at a site that makes the most money...i cant see any place that will have a bigger draw than the X....prime example of this is the minnesota rule...that was purely for money...and i think every ad in the wcha voted for it if i remember right!
  2. if the nchc can get the X there would be no reason to rotate the tourney
  3. oh yeah ...she does have a nose...didnt notice the first time.
  4. get real...this is college hockey you play hard till the horn sounds...furthermore tech slapped 7 on denver they didnt need to keep shooting the puck into the empty net and running the score up on poor denver!!
  5. If anyone thinks the mavs are less talented... they were not at the game tonight....watched it on tv or saw the stat where they have outshot their opponents by more than 12 shots per game. fact is that they made one more play than the sioux. If knight buries his rebound chance before uno's game winner we're talking about a 5 game winning streak.
  6. then they played the next night and the sioux won....
  7. Theres never been talk about minot making the jump except on here. Minot can barely make a go of it ,financially, at the club hockey level.
  8. like ive said before the powerplay turnaround started against bsu...they didnt score but the puck movement was 100% better....the reason....hak put mattson and simpson on top with the first unit....kristo stood with the puck to much...the powerplay is all about puck movent no matter what powerplay u run...even blood and forbert run it better than kristo...which frees up danny to play down low where hes more effective....and when i say effective i mean REALLY GOOD!!!!
  9. correct....tied with cc...but the SIOUX will have played two more games than both cc and denver (who has 11 pts)
  10. iluvdebbies

    Fire Muss

    maybe the dumbest post you have made...you make cbc sioux sound like a genious!!
  11. iluvdebbies

    Fire Muss

    or maybe it shouldnt of been started in the first place!!
  12. iluvdebbies

    Fire Muss

    i dont want muss fired ...just reminding others that it wasnt long ago THEY wanted him fired....now their jumping up and down for him to be coach of the year!
  13. i think just about everytime someone gets a hatty both nights....
  14. i like these announcers but....i doubt that the beavers have dell rattled
  15. I thought maybe it was Fonzi night at the Sanford center!!
  16. having the surgery now or in 6-8 weeks wont affect his chances for a medical redshirt ....it would give him more time for rehab tho if he had it now..
  17. was that tim tebow that just scored
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