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  1. I disagree about Forbort... while he didnt play outstanding he was far from struggling...however simpson is a different story he was TERRIBLE...i mean six periods of terrible....he's our worst defensemen right now....if mattson and gleason werent playing so well together i would say put 5 with Mac....however Hak does it mattson needs more ice time>5 is our best defensemen right now!!!!
  2. As a Sioux hockey season ticket holder... i really dont care about " like-minded instituions" ,a conference of only div 1 schools,or improving the "national footprint". I want to see hockey teams that bring excitement to the ralph.SCSU brings that....uaa,bemidj,mankato,and certainly not tech brought that... even when games were close with these teams the atmosphere was not the same as duluth,goofers,wisconsin,cc denver and st cloud. Look at the teams we have now in the NCHC...every weekend is going to be something to look forward to .... Denver & Colorado College ...enough said Uno...Dean Blais returns and will bring talent every year Duluth....they now have a national championship Miami...have had really good teams and talented players the past few years...that shouldnt change WMU....Regional semi-finals last year and Andy Murray as their new head coach... they will only get better SCSU....We hate the clowns, aaron marvin(they will always have a marvin type),and their announcers.....but the games are still exciting Who else could the NCHC really get to top that........BC,BU,NH,or Maine wont happen... So that leaves Notre Dame....i hope they join ....but if they dont the NCHC is a way more attractive league then the current WCHA!!
  3. ryan hill wore # 28 last season also....he played against USA under-18 team
  4. I'm not concerned about our goaltending or our defensemen either but it takes more than 3 to keep the puck out of the net...it also takes forwards committed to the defensive zone....thats why players like cichy had a hard time staying in the lineup.....it also helps when you can put 30-40 shots a game on the other teams goalie....defending your own zone is real easy when your 200 feet away from it....how successfull the sioux will be this season will depend on how many forwards we have that can contribute not only in the offensive zone but also the defensive zone
  5. good call...it was for the women...prob a good thing that would have been a tough month!!....it is already!
  6. got this off USCHO message board.... sioux play at BU Sept 30/Oct 1...can anyone confirm???
  7. ok ...so you dont believe the story. You might be right....My point is that its not up to the coaches to "fill in the gaps" .....thats up to Danny and his family. If you have done nothing wrong why not come out and say that right away. RIGHT?
  8. dont put that on the coaches....thats all on the kristo family!!!! He wasnt drinking,he had done nothing wrong other than not dressing properly. Why not come out and tell the story right away...The family could have prevented alot of the distraction and speculation!
  9. didnt mean to give u a neg...was trying to see who gave u -1...will give u a +1 soon
  10. Only missed two home games this year,went to the final five.....said i wasnt going to go but i just bought my tickets . My three year old son and I will be there rooting on Blen Blood(not a typo thats how my son says his name) and the boys!!!
  11. Are you Pee Wee Herman......that comeback was straight out of ---I know you are what am I--- book of comebacks!
  12. i dont think the sioux asked scsu we just wore them..both teams wore road unis that night st cloud wore red....i read somewhere that the league doesnt want both team wearing dark uniforms!
  13. Likewise for our forwards....remember in championship game of the final 5 we had easy scoring chances that we didnt put away.....if we had put those away the game would have been alot easier......if we bury those chances today we will be just fine!
  14. I agree... the return of JG brings back TWO guys.....JG & Marto the defensemen!!!!!
  15. as stated earlier 16 of his 32 points were on the power play!!
  16. theres a reason though that everbody on the ice gets a plus one or minus one.....without the first pass ...would the second and third have led to the goal?
  17. what does that mean -"mentally prepared" ......im sure that they all know that if you lose you go home! other than that what can hak tell them....maybe " c'mon guys lets get fired up" ....thats for youth hockey!!
  18. friday: 2:00 union vs umd 5:30 yale vs airforce 8:00 bc vs cc sat 3:00 new hampshire vs miami 5:30 east reg final 8:00 west reg final sun 4:30 midwest reg final 7:00 northeast reg final
  19. midco guide says the midwest regional final is on espnu( 4:30)
  20. At least we have our scapegoat....if the sioux doesn't win number 8 it's all 5's fault!!!!
  21. i agree....if knight scores on his chance to make it 3-1...the sioux win without ot!
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