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  1. Sioux gets the sweep 5-3.....The AAA line gets 3 of the 5 goals.....GO SIOUX!!!!
  2. The most important part of this tweet is not what channels the game is on; but don't ask what channel the game is on during chat!!!
  3. And don't ask on the chat! “@SchlossmanGF: Tonight's game is on NESN, which is DirecTV 628 or Dish Network 434. Spread the word.”
  4. He was given a game DQ,for the hit, and had to sit out last saturdays game.
  5. UND outshot BU in only 1 period on sat nite.....Guess which one!
  6. First UND First UND goal was scored off the trap.
  7. Every time WE lose the excuse is we were gassed. Not tonight! We lost because we didnt put our chances away early and turned the puck over late!
  8. Lots of blame for the D-men.Maybe some deserved....but how about we put the puck in the net....kristo,knight,rowney,grimaldi,macmillian one goal and a emptynetter on the weekend. Knight alone could have put the game away tonite.
  9. If i was Adam, i would bring D Shepard and Nathan Freeman along to the NCHC and make Freeman a referee ......the WCHA is wasting his time as a linesmen.
  10. A little late for that=DON ADAM
  11. Its only been one game, but i like the AAA(Triple-A) line of Rowney-Knight-Kristo!
  12. From the video i cannot see contact to the head....he did however leave his feet, two minutes for charging.
  13. just a game misconduct....he will be back tomorrow night!
  14. 4 more losses makes you inconsistent....come on!! Besides all nine of their losses came before Jan 21....so at that point they had a very inconsistent year....which proves it isnt how you start its how you finish.
  15. Yep ....they strarted out on a roll.....did you notice the long stretch from nov 5 to jan 21...not exactly consistent!
  16. At home, weekend series only, for 2011-2012 season and the first series of this year....friday nights record is 9-2-1......saturday nights record is 7-2-3. I wouldn't call that real inconsistent.
  17. Ask Brad Malone if he's heard of atlantic time.
  18. iluvdebbies

    Fire Muss

    I also heard he kicks stray dogs!!
  19. ....or put them back together and score a goal!
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