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  1. Just a hypothetical, as I could see this as being another reason to hate on Coach Jones, but there is another possibility. Perhaps Jones has a friendship or acquaintance with Nike. It is possible that person is giving Jones a great deal on apparel. I don't know the numbers, but I agree with above poster, that if the money was substantial Faison would have forced the deal.
  2. Thank you for the correction, you are correct! But premise still holds
  3. You are onto something. It's a money thing. They can keep larger part of the pie amongst themselves. The tier below them still has bowls, but less likely to get into playoffs.
  4. And I suppose you were one to say the Big Ten would never add more teams. (Just a bit of useless trivia. With the financial issues in Illinois, if Chicago State wanted back in the Big Ten, they would have to be allowed in). The Big Ten will expand again likely to 16, the Big 12 wants to get back to at least twelve. I can't speak for the other conferences but they also have gone thru expansion.
  5. That is the thought for the larger groupings. The argument for eight as you can imagine is, "we have so many really good teams tho" coming from the big and good conferences (SEC, Big Ten, ACC). They want multiple teams represented. I'm sure the Pac 12 isn't far behind. And of course the idiots in the Big 12 (idiots because they don't know how to count to 12, I know Big Ten also has this problem, but they at least they got their minimum) want their conference represented. Add in a G5 program that is having a great year, or Notre Dame (tho I think they will fall into conference), and you are easily at eight, again upsetting the bigger conferences, so then you have to expand to at least twelve. ***There is some tread on what SiouxVolley puts forth about UND and BSC, I'll get into the whole realignment thing another day. But the Playoff Expansion is a part of it
  6. The Playoff will jump to eight teams as soon as they can, maybe 12-16 by then,
  7. Agreed that he has not had much success drawing up a play at end of games. But just take TO to tell players get it into Geno's or Q's hands on the break (or from OB) and go from there. Usually want PG to have ball and make decision. I was yelling at screen when Drick was coming up floor, then louder when he passed it to Collins, then I was swearing when my feed cut out! Have I mentioned I hate eversport?
  8. I thought they were teasing for Reno I was getting all excited for the slots and flashing lights
  9. I believe he got hurt. YES should have taken timeout. Coach can't call it, but had time during free throw to tell everyone take a timeout after rebound. But I suppose I can't blame it on Jones yet can I?
  10. Or the loss to Montana, or the one to Idaho. BOTH AT HOME!!! But agree with your last statement!
  11. VMeister: It was a comment that wasn't needed. His piece would have been better without it. When the team goes to the NCAA Tournament, which I presume in the next few years they will, it will bring more pub to UND than hockey. That writing only lends to the "hockey college" belief In GF, will hockey ever be supplanted? Maybe, but tough to do.
  12. Agreed! And the youngest I believe. Have heard some analysts praising this team
  13. The ranking thing is being debated in the football thread, but it holds the same in basketball. Unless they are Top100 or so, it's murky at best. However, UND has recruited some serious talent and athletes in the last few years. May with high level experience. I can't speak for all, but here's start. Q- Mr. Basketball (MN) with State Championship experience. Geno- Multiple State Championships (MN) under one of the best coaches in the nation, leading the team as PG McDermott- Led team to championship tourney (3rd place-best record ever) Cortez- Led team to State Championship, first ever Collins- Same school/coach as Geno, DeLaSalle. multiple state championships, more of a role player, but did his job exceptionally well. This kid is athletic! Wheeler- Also has State Championship experience, played all four years of Varsity. Shanks- One of the top centers to come out of MN. Not sure about championship tourneys, but led team to many wins (please add if choose to do so, son't know Avants and others history) POINT being these guys know how to play the game and what it takes to win. They want to continue the success they've had throughout their young career, and will work at doing so. Let's continue to enjoy the show
  14. http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/und-basketball/3943554-mens-basketball-finally-some-reasons-cheer MEN'S BASKETBALL: Finally, some reasons to cheer QUOTE: The days when basketball was on par—or at least in the same zip code—with UND men's hockey may not ever return to Grand Forks. Is Wayne Nelson really this dumb? This statement is on par with some of the Sid and Reusse classics.
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