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  1. i argree with you on the 6-1 game.... but im seeing a 6-1.95 the second night
  2. where are you getting your stats at?? the wcha website has patterson at .920(3rd)....dell at .919(4th)
  3. yeah just click on the number next to the - if u havent figured out already
  4. even if red river doesnt work hard they will win.... this is a 8-1 game at best
  5. i bought my ice breaker tickets this afternoon....they didnt ask if i was renewing my season tickets!
  6. i agree.... the good news is that,if i understand it right, ice breaker games do not count for number of games allowed....extra homes games for us!!
  7. i think the way st cloud is playing might have something to do with that....their playing pretty well right now....earlier in the week somebody said that kato would be a tough playoff series...so will st cloud if they keep playing like they have the past two weekends
  8. the sioux use a similar style at times....they run a zone forecheck where all three forwards are no deeper than the hashmarks in the offensive zone....and back out as the opposing team starts to breakout ...same concept ...plug up the neutral zone ...looking for a turnover
  9. it also helps hide a teams lack of speed and skill players
  10. He's a forward... must be a mistake on the ND HS website!
  11. Thats why our SOS is so high ....we have 6 teams in the top 20....and 11 that can beat just about anybody on a given night.If you have an off night night you will lose in the WCHA....and if you play poorly you can get embarrassed like we did against UNO!! Its funny we split with good teams and we act like we have the worst team in the country.Even good teams have bad stretches(if we can call these past three weekends a bad stretch).There was a year awhile back were we we lost to the gophers in nov 10-6....had a three weekend stretch in jan were we split all three series(losing one game 8-3).Then got swept by denver in the last series of the season. Then went unbeaten in the postseason and won the national title(97)....lets not call for haks head everytime we lose a game....or say this wouldnt of happened if Blais were coaching because his teams had their stretches too.Hak has the sioux in great postion right now.... all we need is that postseason roll!!!!!!!
  12. 3-1 union start of third period
  13. they lost to devils lake 4-3 this year....and D.L. has been pretty competitve in the east!
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