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  1. iluvdebbies

    Fire Muss

    i dont want muss fired ...just reminding others that it wasnt long ago THEY wanted him fired....now their jumping up and down for him to be coach of the year!
  2. i think just about everytime someone gets a hatty both nights....
  3. i like these announcers but....i doubt that the beavers have dell rattled
  4. I thought maybe it was Fonzi night at the Sanford center!!
  5. having the surgery now or in 6-8 weeks wont affect his chances for a medical redshirt ....it would give him more time for rehab tho if he had it now..
  6. was that tim tebow that just scored
  7. that will happen when your a man down
  8. this just in grimaldi is the real deal!!!
  9. hasnt been a bad call yet....stop taking stupid penalties!!!
  10. putting him on the 4th line will keep his minutes down....
  11. I'm still going buy season tickets if and when the sioux name is retired (still waiting for a miracle). I dont care if we have no nickname or choose turd sandwhich or the fightin shelterbelts(grand forks county is billed as the" shelterbelt capital of the world"). but i will not buy season tickets for a AHL or any other junior !@#$ fest team and my guess is few will .....it wont fly!!!
  12. jersey popping isn't poor sportsmanship .....its just lame!!!
  13. I disagree about Forbort... while he didnt play outstanding he was far from struggling...however simpson is a different story he was TERRIBLE...i mean six periods of terrible....he's our worst defensemen right now....if mattson and gleason werent playing so well together i would say put 5 with Mac....however Hak does it mattson needs more ice time>5 is our best defensemen right now!!!!
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