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  1. I'm not sure they would move und out of green bay....i think they would just flip denver and merrimack
  2. and the pp ranks 10th in the nation
  3. they just had denver last weekend against wisconsin...so i doubt they will have them again this weekend
  4. my guess is it will be 3 & 15 its been awhile since we've had them!
  5. correct...and since we split with UNO the second criteria is number of conference wins 4. UND 5. CC 6.UNO
  6. these two are most likely the worst pair of refs in all of hockey....they did get this call right however!
  7. A goal shall not be allowed if the puck has been kicked or directed into the goal off an attacking player’s skate or any body part. When in doubt, the RULE 6 / PLA YIN G RULES HR-69 goal shall be disallowed.
  8. they would because florida state &utah are not on the h&a list
  9. You couldn't be more wrong. I'm just trying to get the truly smart people, like yourself, to stop trying to convince chewy and fetch how wrong they are and go out and convince the other 16,998!
  10. Since you're such a smart s.o.b.,why don't you stop bloviating on here all day and go spread that message!
  11. Mel Pearson is likely to get WCHA coach of the year.....national i'm not so sure. If tech makes the national tournament....he has good chance. Their schedule is fairly tough down the stretch. I'm not sure they will make it.
  12. Or ask youself the question .....why did the womens jerseys come in first?
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