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  1. If you have a little extra time can you post the second russian goal ,starting from when they broke out of their own end.
  2. McCabe Named Captain of 2013 U.S. National Junior Team | World Juniors worldjuniors.usahockey.com
  3. Watching the replay....cant wait to see the third because i havent seen anything close to terrible out of Gibson so far.
  4. Unless sombody else commits in the next couple of hours, Gersich will be the last recruit to committ to UND ever. Congrats young man!!!
  5. There are only three things that matter to me, when it comes to championships. 1) Who has won the most. (Michigan) 2) Who won the last one. (BC) 3) Who wins the next one?
  6. All USA games will be on TV live on the NHL Network!
  7. wasnt great...but not the worst ive watched this year.....if you got your x-mas shopping done go ahead and spend the money!!
  8. BB is a part of it....but hockey regionals would end on a sunday and frozen four starts on a thurs...too quick of a turnaround for teams. So at best a team gets home late sunday,possibly early monday from a region championship game and would leave tuesday for the Frozen four. BB final four starts almost a whole week sat/mon games from the end of the regional final.
  9. I think that week is also used for travel plans
  10. and when Brandon Veale decides to put on his big-boy pants, he will realize that!!
  11. Best format is to have #1 seeds host regionals. Take a week off, after conference tournaments, to set up sites and for teams and fans to put together travel plans. Season will be a week longer, but would have to be a week longer using a best of three format.
  12. or notice that there already was a North Dakota @ Michigan Tech started.
  13. Hey BNS...you go ahead and throw your money around....but i refuse to pay $12 to watch less than crisp passing!!
  14. Denver- 20 shots UND - 33 shots Hammer - 87 Kobers
  15. A lot easier to defend your own zone that way!
  16. kristo has to put that where grandma keeps the peanut butter
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