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  1. One. Ryon'e Winters, CB, Grand View, Missouri.
  2. I don't disagree with your point. I do think that the regional landscape for D2 vs FCS recruiting is much, much different today than a decade ago. That's obvious, isn't it? When UND, NDSU, SDSU, and USD were all D2 programs and UNI was the nearest FCS/D1AA program, the meaning of a kid being "overlooked" by FCS/D1AA was much different than it is today.
  3. Bohl was getting a cut of season ticket sales that Klieman will not get. Although Klieman's base is higher than Bohl's, his total compensation will be less.
  4. Klieman's base is 260k, but he is guaranteed a total or $316k. It will be interesting to see where the salaries for HC and assistants end up.
  5. My 2 cents worth: Blais' Sioux teams used a lot of dump and chase with a VERY aggressive forecheck. It was the norm to send all 3 forwards in on the forecheck. It was common to see two forwards below the goal line, and not unheard of to see all three! Conversely, Blais' defensemen tended to be stay-at-home types with maybe one offensively oriented d-man on a team (ie. Murphy, Williamson, Roche). Hakstol, like almost all current college coaches, tends to be more conservative on the forecheck. Now days, the Sioux might only send one or two forwards in on the forecheck, depending on the situation and the opponent. There is much more emphasis on the forwards' defensive responsibilities and yes, the Sioux sometimes play something like a left wing lock or a neutral zone trap. Interestingly, Hakstol's defensemen have included more risk-taking, offensively-oriented types epitomized by Chay Genoway. College hockey has changed for many reasons: better coaching, better conditioning, bigger players, bigger goaltending equipment, etc, etc. It is not a simple thing to turn the clock back. That said, the hockey of the Gasparini and Blais eras was much more wide open and often more fun to watch. No slight to current players or coaches intended.
  6. I'll take a shot at this, but others may give better answers.. Danny Kristo is a dynamic skater and goal scorer. Mike Cichy is an excellent playmaker. Corban Knight is apparently very strong and has good finishing ability. Andrew MacWilliam is very physical. Joe Gleason is a great open ice skater. Not sure about the others..
  7. Who would've thought that Brad Miller could do the job that he has done at D? Not me. He would have been one of the last guys I would have thought about to make the move. Thankfully, the coaching staff knows a lot more than me..
  8. Forbort will not fit the 'typical' situation. I don't know where he plans to play next season, but I don't think his arrival at UND will be delayed beyond the fall of 2010. He may well be a first-round draft pick, and some observers have compared him favorably to Erik Johnson at the same age.
  9. That's a shocker. No one on the UMD Penalty Box board even seemed to be aware that the Dogs were recruiting him. The only schools I'd seen mentioned in recent months were Wisconsin, Denver, and UND. Great get for Sandy! The only good news for the Sioux is that he probably won't be in the WCHA for very long.
  10. I agree with this, and with the previous post. I was just expressing an opinion that VandeVelde has certain qualities that might make him a better NHL prospect than Irmen or Porter. I could be wrong. Even I don't think that he would go directly to the NHL, or that he is a top-rank prospect. I too think that he would be best served by getting his degree. That said, if he gets an offer, I think he will be gone.
  11. I see Vandy as bigger, and more physical than Irmen. I also think Vandy is a little more skilled than Porter. His ability to play center and win face-offs is significant. I do think he will play in the NHL. I wouldn't write Porter off yet either..
  12. Kermit

    The Force

    And that, my friends, is the story behind my user name.
  13. Kermit

    The Force

    Actually, it was "The Farce." The Force is a hockey team in Fargo.
  14. I wonder if, in retrospect, the Sioux coaches think they offered Fink too early..
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