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  1. Big day tomorrow for ND youth hockey and other youth sports... will the governor allow resumed “normal” operations? Or will he extend the current month long “no games between communities, no spectators” ect...
  2. Does anyone have an obituary?
  3. Thanks. Opinions on Reebok Premier vs Fanatics Breakaway vs K1s? Any other brands I’m missing? I prefer the embroidered vs paint versions.
  4. This is just an general Jersey question: For those of you who dabble more than myself, what brand/websites are best to purchase from for new college/pro hockey jerseys? Thanks
  5. It can’t be that often that both #1 seeds in the east and west are upset in the regional tourneys.
  6. Like having a regional in Grafton, Minot, and Wahpeton.
  7. Worcester, Mass to Albany NY: 2 hour drive Albany NY to Allentown PA: 3 hr 20 min drive Worcester, Mass to Allentown PA: 4 hour 30 min drive. Ridiculous.
  8. That’s just plain good humor on planet earth!
  9. Planet Earth has been considering Eastern Washington in several scenarios. How does a 7-5 (6 D1 wins) EWU team look vs UND? Both on the bubble?
  10. Planet earth thinks it best to go with Boltmann
  11. Planetearth would like to point out that your opinions are valuable, unless they disagree with the groupthink; and if you don’t like it, you can leave.
  12. Planetearth would like point out it’s easy to call others “defensive” or “trolling” when we just ban those with opinions contrary to our own. It really detracts from the point of a “forum”.
  13. Randomly found this... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.seccountry.com/lsu/lsu-basketball-shaq-richard-krajewski/amp
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