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  1. Big stop. Let’s eat clock and score 7
  2. Kostich crew coming up big today. Fake punt, blocked fg, blocked punt.
  3. Won't be making any of the games this spring. Wish I had gotten our Sack City sign there today. Would have been busy. Plan to hang it in our house next week and work it here. Great second half today. Ran the ball down their throats.
  4. Left a lot of points on the field. FG vs TD with dropped pass. Missed xpt. Giving up the late TD hurts . Could have a 10+ point lead
  5. True. Still disappointing to miss xpt in that situation.
  6. Pulled the jersey again before ball was there.
  7. don't like the tunnel screen and then punt from the 40 or wherever we were
  8. thanks for the insight. I am starting with ESPN+ but might add Midco later to watch other UND teams.
  9. Did they say what’s wrong with Boltzmann? I missed it
  10. Anyone have experience with the Midco streaming app? Trying to decide between that and ESPN+. Also - any idea what ESPN+ uses for announcers? Do they just pick up Heinert and the local broadcast?
  11. Great story and brings back memories of watching him play.
  12. Not much different even going back to the 70's and 80's. In HS I was lucky enough to be able to show up at UND practice a couple of times and have the kickers work with me. Rob Bollinger knew about kicking but the kickers did most of it on their own. Same when I was there. Lot's of work in the offseason. Maybe a kicking camp somewhere.
  13. Free Ben Holden. New PxP guy is confused most of the time
  14. just came back. went to another game and back. not sure if it mattered
  15. Article on Wentz's struggles with analytics on what is going on. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/carson-wentz-is-in-freefall-and-the-eagles-are-going-down-with-him/
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