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  1. to add to this - we downed a punt on the 1 or 2 which set up the punt block against Montana State. Kostich is very dynamic and the players love him. I for one hope he doesn't go anywhere.
  2. Was it McFeely that said we’d go 4-7 and looking for a new coach?
  3. That would be great. I was thinking that they have good attendance and would outbid us. I sure hope we get to play at home but that 5 hour drive each way every week is wearing on my productivity at work
  4. This is what I feared when USD beat SDSU. they will outbid us I'm sure.
  5. That is 2018 SRS rankings. You had me worried for a minute and then saw that E Wash was #4 and figured there was a problem. SIMPLE RATINGS SYSTEM FCS Coaches PollSTATS FCS Top 25Simple Ratings System Through Games NOV. 18, 2018
  6. We really needed to run the ball in when UNC fumbled on their second to their last play. Our DL had it in their hands but couldn't hang on and UNC got the ball back on their 5 or so. That extra TD would have looked good on the scoreboard and wouldn't have been considered running up the score.
  7. I don’t think he played
  8. If we go 7-4 with 2 of our losses to the #1 and #3 teams in the country Bubba deserves to keep the job. If we go 6-5 Chaves has a decision to make.
  9. Please give it up. I know that fact that we won doesn't fit your narrative but we did win. I'm surprised that a Longtime fan would work so hard to run our own team down.
  10. Agree with all of this.
  11. absolutely not true. We didn't play very well and and still won. This shows that we were the better team as does the scoreboard.
  12. Rudy ......Rudy...........Is that you?
  13. Gee came off the field early in the game looking like a shoulder was hurting. I don't remember him playing after that.
  14. Agree. I was just excited when I saw the flag since I thought they were offside watching it live. My hopes were dashed.
  15. Here is a picture of the kickoff with the tie score just before the ball was kicked. It's unfortunate for us they didn't see the offside. He had to be a full yard offside by the time it was stuck. I have no idea how closely they call this. nobody else was close to the line.
  16. I would have for sure. Your best chance to score is to break one on the kickoff vs. trying to go 50 yards with your offense and set up for a fg.
  17. I'll take my chances 100 times out of 100 on one of our best athletes getting the ball in space. Hindsight is wonderful in this case but I still want him to try that and not be ultra conservative. That's the Rudy ball everyone complains about. Taking the automatic fair catch on the last punt of the game was a killer for the Cowboys last night. Cost them at least 20-30 yards and maybe a score. Here's what he had in front of him.
  18. Wofford with their SOS at 58. UND's SOS is 7
  19. are you hearing he'll be back or hoping?
  20. I count UC Davis, SHSU and MSU as big games they won this year. You don’t?
  21. wasn't looking for the ref to make a call on the kickoff maybe being offside. Just a comment that when I saw the flag I thought that was what it was for. Would have been a lucky break for us.
  22. Holm has been hurt all year. I'm guessing he isn't 100% and they don't want to expose him on kick returns. I'm not sure what the bold part even means. I am a Boltmann fan, a Holm fan and a fan of the rest of the team.. I really hope they all do well.
  23. I feel like I got kicked in the stomach. As deflating a loss as can remember - similar to Richmond game.
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