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  1. Illinois State has opted out of the rest of the season
  2. Gave up the TD too damn fast
  3. Dosch with a good point - needed to go for 2 there to get it to 16. Poor coaching
  4. Amazing to watch the change in the team this year. Didn't play great but handled USD reasonably easily. Dominating today like we needed to. Leaving no doubt.
  5. No chance. We barely see the entire play half the time.
  6. Western Ill reminds me of Mankato in the old days with the purple unis and strutting.
  7. Big stop on 4th down there. Let's grind some clock
  8. Good question. I didn't realize the students had been moved officially. Will have to figure it out in the fall.
  9. Hope so too. Somehow it’s become Sickies Sack City at the Alerus. Still waiting for a free burger and beer or two.
  10. There was a sack city sign years ago in the DII era and I loved it. At tailgating a few years ago a guy told me he had done the original one but it was long gone. It inspired me to make my own so I enlisted my wife to help me. She thought I was crazy but after a short trip to the craft/fabric store we made it. I had an old picture of the original and tried to match the lettering as best as I could. We hang it behind the visitors bench but sit on the other side so we enlist the students sitting by it to run the thing during games. Last year we had to move it down closer to the b
  11. Sack City made an appearance in our house.
  12. Tommy up and down today. Freshman stuff I guess.
  13. Agree. We got a break there.
  14. I continue to be a Kostich fan. He's the type of young, dynamic coach we need.
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