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  1. Based on watching him at the podium it was clear to me that he was being literal. If you watch BIrx when he was talking you can see that she was mortified and thought so too. I don't believe he thinks through a lot of what he says but he starts riffing and can't stop himself from going off on wild tangents. Last night the WH claimed that he didn't say it. Today it is that he was being sarcastic. You are saying that he wasn't literal.
  2. What narrative are we talking about? Ricci and Hogan are GOP so not carrying the Dems water.
  3. Hard to imagine but some people need to be convinced that this is a bad thing. Mike Ricci is - Communications Director, @GovLarryHogan. . Formerly of @SpeakerRyan & @SpeakerBoehner
  4. Some good news here in MN. MN Gov address today states to allow businesses to open Monday that aren't public facing. State officials say 20,000 MN businesses could re-open under relaxing of restrictions. They must be "non-public facing". Walz: Relaxing some business restrictions means 80-100,000 MN workers may be able to go back to their jobs on Monday.
  5. I figured that was him but decided it would be easier to ask you than find an old roster. Turgeon wore #43 in '82 so maybe that's not him.
  6. I know #59 is Hilbert. Who is #74? wondering if that's Turgeon #93 in background. If so, it would make it '80
  7. That pic is more tan than I remember.
  8. It is a light gray. The pic above is probably from '79 or so based on the players and Wertz in it. Those do look more silver there but ours were definitely grey in the early '80s
  9. Here is a side pic of the helmets worn in 1981-1984. I believe that is the same as that were worn in 1985 also. Grey helmet and mask. The ND doesn't show well in this pic but it was a dark forest green with white trim. Can't see it on this picture but the stripes were as described in earlier post.
  10. It has actually been in the news a lot and Gilead stock is up around 10% over the last month. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/16/health/coronavirus-remdesivir-trial/index.html https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-04-21/more-good-news-on-remdesivirs-power-to-treat-covid-19 https://www.foxnews.com/science/experimental-coronavirus-drug-remdesivir-chicago-trial-shows-promise
  11. God no. I was sick the next day and in bed.
  12. My wife got sick as the game was starting. *She spent most of the first period being sick in the bathroom. we went home as soon as she cam back to get me at our seats. I'm a big supporter of stay at home to help stop the spread. We were in a different time then but thanks for the reprimand and for calling me an idiot. *edited from we to she - mistyped the first time
  13. Good questions. I didn't research how the poll was conducted
  14. Something very similar rolled through 6 of us in my family in late February over 3-4 days. everyone was wiped out for 36-48 hours. First sick day for me at work in about 15 years. My wife and I spent close to $400 for dinner and Wild game and barely made it through the 1st period before heading home.
  15. Huff Post poll so take it for what it's worth but support for stay at home hasn't wavered much.
  16. I haven't seen or heard that proposed anywhere.
  17. Hence the need to flatten the curve and give the supply chain a chance to get ahead of a surge. The hard part now is figuring out when we are ready to open things up and how fast.
  18. I am surprised it took that long. Hang in there Ira. I really enjoy learning from what you and Keikla have to say.
  19. Thanks for adding your perspective. Most, or all, of us on here really appreciate hearing your input based on your experience dealing with this thing.
  20. I used to go to Munich every year for work and thought the same. I sometimes just ran across the intersection. One day I watched the cops writing 30 Euro tickets to people for walking against the light. A few were tourists and pleaded ignorance. Didn't matter. I started waiting for the light like everyone else.
  21. thanks. i knew the number but mistyped. I'll edit it.
  22. I listened to Osterholm again yesterday. Here is his take - don't blame the messenger here. He said that the 60k death estimate is based on Wuhan type lock down across the entire country through the end of August. that isn't possible in the US and we aren't locking people down at that level. It also only estimates deaths out thru August. The higher death estimates are based on less stringent distancing (he says more realistic here) and project out 12-18 months. He advises a very basic set of numbers for estimating deaths from this thing. 50% of Americans will get it = 160 million Best estimates based on data globally are 1% of those that get it will die from it = 1.6 million deaths*. He's still staying with that number. *edited
  23. Positions: SF, SG https://www.hudl.com/profile/10508450/Jodi-Anderson
  24. For sure. I expect we normally prepare for the worst and hope for the best when it comes to health concerns. I am tapping out on this thread again. I try to stay away but it sucks me in every once in a while. Sorry for posting.
  25. Yes. So we take measures to prevent that. You are making my point in that doing nothing to mitigate the spread would be like playing without a goalie. We are on the same page there.
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