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  1. I thought the cup looked good at Joe Blacks getting filled from the tap. No need for it to leave there.
  2. The REA literally gets 52% of football ticket revenue (resources) in addition to getting paid to administer the ticket sales.
  3. That is exciting. I assume we would need to keep the current field for practice also. I heard the contract has already been signed for tearing Memorial down.
  4. It's really hard to criticize the extension without understanding what's in it. It could be what most on here are asking for in that it provides a soft landing spot working in the foundation and gives the fb program a stability story when recruiting. It might even provide an easier out if there isn't a buyout but just a job change. I am choosing to be optimistic and that Bubba has enough success that we want to keep him until he decides to retire.
  5. I haven’t heard the P2 story - just an announcement soon. I did hear that Memorial is coming down after spring ball.
  6. No problem. The herald article just said they’d posted the job so he must be leaving. I looked quickly on line and couldn’t find anything else.
  7. I do have ND ties and understand a lot of stuff but I don't know anything other than he is leaving. Is he going to Sacramento?
  8. Saw in the Herald that Malcolm Agnew is leaving. Anybody know the story?
  9. Thanks. I guess I checked too early
  10. Surprised no real time signing updates today
  11. I checked with creative charters a month ago. They weren’t real motivated cuz it’s so far away but told me to check back. They do a lot of UM fb and basketball trips. Also did Montana state FB playoff games this fall. i traveled with them to UND fb NC game and they did a great job.
  12. And you know this how? I did make out OK because of my degree - not because of a fb scholarship. I was a walk on who got a partial my last 2 years. I was a local kid and in school to get my degree. The coaches knew I wasn't going anywhere so they gave the $$ to the guys competing with my at my position. I'm not sure how many scholarships were available back then - it didn't really apply to me.
  13. I'm with you. I don't think we should have been paid for the hours while traveling. It is fair to point out that it did make it more difficult to study for the higher level physics, math and engineering classes I was taking.
  14. I agree that Schuster did a good job when he came in against SHSU and was very poised for a true freshman. I realize it is a very small sample size but his game stats don't stand out when compared to our other QBs last year. Both Ket and Zim had higher QB ratings and completion %. In my mind he has an advantage based on his time in the program and the word is he was great in practice but I don't think he is a lock based on last year.
  15. I was an athlete at UND back in the DII days and there wasn't as much oversight or control from the NCAA. I figured back then that I put in 40 hours/week during the season and 25-30 hours/week average during the rest of the school year. I included all of these things for calculation during the season: practice weight training film study as a team 2 evenings per week Sunday film review of Saturday game plus some light running and stretching 2 lunch meetings/week to review game plan for next game game day - breakfast meeting, pregame and the game its
  16. Or maybe a thread called - Hey, I think there's an opening on the staff. Those that believe they have the answers should apply.
  17. Don't know but I believe we hired our WR coach for $40k if that is any indicator. Unless we pay more than them it is hard to see anybody making a lateral move to come to GF without some personal tie to the area or the staff.
  18. Our low coaching salary pool certainly plays a factor in why the above is true. Nobody is leaving a comparable job to come to UND unless they have a relationship with the current staff.
  19. I haven't followed the program religiously recently but didn't he have a pretty high number of of players transfer out the last few years? I heard from a mother of a player on another Big Sky team that the players she knew said he was pretty negative and hard to be around recently. If that's true I hope he's turned it around.
  20. Praying for Hunter and his family. He truly is an inspiration. I hope to meet him someday
  21. We had these in the early 80's. They were given out for offense, defense and special teams players of the game. I don't know if we were allowed to put them on our helmets or not which kind of defeats the purpose of helmet stickers.
  22. So sorry to hear. Lowell was a good man who loved all things UND and UND football.
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