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  1. Hawks_Win_Again

    Northern Arizona

    Large tailgate area ....in open lot ....up above the dome.... Was well attended when we were there.
  2. Hawks_Win_Again

    Northern Arizona

    Griebel family making the trip from Colo. Flying in Sat. A.M. Go Hawks !!
  3. Hawks_Win_Again

    PSU Queens

    Both teams in DARK and in such similar uni's doesn't help defending them....Not sure why ISU isn't wearing white.... First time I've seen that in a while.....Cuz our front 7 will need every advantage locating - Dorian - Carlos - and "Turbo" .....they're 3 good backs......Also gotta keep Alexander's "escapes" from the pocket to a minimum..... He's a problem outside the hashes..... I don't think they'll be able to stop our offense, so this game may be up to Coach Schmidt's D, and I think they WILL -----> git 'er done.........Hold em to 28 and we win !!! GO Seniors !!! GO Hawks !!!
  4. Hawks_Win_Again

    UND - Idaho Game Day Thread

    You do recall correctly....by game over I was actually inferring to it more of a sure thing, than a situational game ender. As mentioned often on this board..it's the little things that might seem unnoticed with our team. .....personnel usage.... fixable details..... that can add up in a close game. We were good enough to win all 3 of our close losses, and "details" make a difference... (along with a break or 2 from the "zebras"). ....or not....... Let's win these last two. Go HAWKS !!
  5. Hawks_Win_Again

    UND - Idaho Game Day Thread

    Great call at a perfect time.. .... but.... how about use the WR that is a former QB?........ #13. TD game over. Frustrating. Go Hawks.
  6. Hawks_Win_Again

    Weber State

    Good hands with passes and punts.......100% healthy since SHSU.......don't get it.
  7. Hawks_Win_Again

    On To UNC

    So does Griebel ......See you all at the Shannon family tailgate !!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!
  8. Hawks_Win_Again

    On To UNC

    Will be a bit of a homecoming for several Colorado Hawks.... expect a LARGE caravan of family fans from Denver area.... Griebel/Shannon families bringing "A BUNCH" of people.... GO HAWKS !!!!!!
  9. Hawks_Win_Again

    On To UNC

    Visitors section has traditionally been on the smaller campus side bleachers and on tbe southern most end toward the scoreboard. (Approx. 20 yd line).
  10. Hawks_Win_Again

    On To UNC

    Pretty sure this has been out there, but we will be facing their back-up QB this week, as Knipp injured his collarbone last week (done for year--- 3rd year in a row... terrible luck feel bad for him). Sic'em Schmidt !!!!!! It's bounce back week...Let's get on a roll !! Go Hawks !
  11. Hawks_Win_Again

    UW-UND Predictions

    20-10 Huskies at half time. Final : UW 48 Fightin' Hawks 20 Best stat of all --- > ZERO injuries !!! GO HAWKS !!! Bring on the Bearkats !!!!!!!
  12. Hawks_Win_Again

    2018 Season

    Very true...still exciting to anticipate a big game with them and like most on this, forum, I believe we will show up strong, rep the UND-Nation & get a key win ! GO HAWKS !!!!
  13. Hawks_Win_Again

    2018 Season

    WAS going to wait until MV St. game was in the books, but it is an entertaining thread today, so I will share this early....SHSU is very concerned about the matchup for their lack of depth/experience at key spots and the fact that those starters may realistically only have a half a game under their belt coming into OUR game. They hope Washington will have kept us in some ice-packs til about Wed./Thurs. the week of our game. On their upside they are confident of the probable speed/quickness advantage, but concerned on the physicality side. An in all...they ABSOLUTELY expect a close one and hope it is at a track meet pace with high score and are GLAD it is at home. .......Doubt I will get much more intel/ details til post game (which will also be interesting to get their honest take on UND)....Nothing earth shaking, just some pre-season thoughts/info.
  14. Hawks_Win_Again

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    Morrison - Bennett - Kettringham - Griebel - Seguin GO HAWKS !!!
  15. Hawks_Win_Again

    2018 Season

    Our favorite Hawk flew back to Grand Forks last night.... Upperclassmen begin actvities (lifting/skill work) this week ...Incoming frosh still have 4 weeks or so. Wished him a healthy, fun, bounce back season..... GO Hawks!!!