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  1. I second that !! It can't be easy keeping those lists updated and accurate ...... Like many, I refer to it often !! Your labor and time is noticed !! Go Hawks !
  2. My glaring lack of complete sentence structure, punctuation or parentheses is shameful. My apologies Sioux....Imperfections of audio text ..... Go Hawks !!
  3. They are in touch with regularity.
  4. Don’t know ya.... but “me like ya”..... Best post of 2020 so far !!! Good Luck Coach H ! GO HAWKS !
  5. Has several teammates with him as well as family.... Lots of love around him tonight. ❤️
  6. Yep...and Happy Thanksgiving to every Hawk and their families ❤️ ....Gettin’ excited for Saturday... ... Big day for the program !!! Travel safe ...... Let’s “BRING IT” men !!!!!
  7. T-giving meal for teammates this morning in the dining hall (for the Hawks that couldn’t get home easily)..... ❤️
  8. And it’s on !! .... geaux_sioux with the flying drop kick sending cajuncolonel into the 2nd row !!! GO Hawks !!!
  9. Unfortunately OUR bid didn’t include fine print of $5,000 for “BYOT” (will bring our own tents credit) to beat their $80K... I checked weather... and luckily winds will be “mild” Sat..... #feelingdisrespected #BRING IT GO Hawks !!!!!
  10. Thinking this will be a money grab for hyenas.com (HS agents) to come out of woodwork and “educate” parents to the premium $ pathways for their kid....(buyer beware I guess) I’m sure ALL the drawbacks were considered by NCAA, but I always felt payment was already happening since their school & board + now COA was “comp”-ed and they graduate with no bills..... Confu$ing topic. GO HAWKS keep it going... beat Weber !!!!!!!!
  11. You really don’t get it do you.
  12. C’mon Hawks. 2nd Half rally... settle down and chisel back ... no other option .... Make a pitching change (BB) maybe... take the shackles off Griebel... get Cam touches. Force two turnovers and win a nail-biter. Lez-GO !!!! How bout a little faith in these players... I think y’all care a ton, but post too fast. They can’t read this til after but it would be nice for them to not feel ripped to shreds by the only ones who do care. ⚡️ GO HAWKS !!!!! ⚡️
  13. "GOOD LUCK" to our Hawks today ...... BRING IT !!!
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