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  1. BisSioux

    6 free for Friday

    Call 7012261308
  2. BisSioux


    Mine stopped at 243 until I exited the app, and reopened.
  3. Make me an offer section 306
  4. Six seats, 4 in row B and 2 in row C, section 215. Can email them through UND ticket transfer. $15 per ticket
  5. BisSioux


    Schmaltz goal #3 on Sportscenter top 10. Beats out Roscoe's half court shot that was #8. Good night for UND on Sportcenter!
  6. I have 2 for sale in section 306 for Friday, November 6 - $30 each Sold
  7. I have 2 extra tickets in section 104, row k. Can be picked up in Grand Forks.
  8. BisSioux

    DU vs UND tickets: apparently scam is lifted?

    Consider flying - roundtrip on Frontier from Minot is about $170.
  9. Section 306 Row I Email jb_gosioux@yahoo.com Sold.
  10. BisSioux

    Football tickets-2013 season

    Still have 4 tickets left for Saturday.
  11. BisSioux

    Football tickets-2013 season

    I got 2 Octoberfests and a half plate of nachos for them last week.
  12. BisSioux

    Football tickets-2013 season

    I'll try again this week - make me an offer!