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  1. Stop by SS from time to time to catch up on recruiting news, coaching hires, Hunter Pinke updates, etc. And then there's this. ... Just wondering if anyone has claimed the tin-foil hat concession here at sioux sports. Looking like a potential gold mine.
  2. Wonder when last there was a 36-point margin in a UND-AC basketball game.
  3. North Dakota basketball -- men's and women's --tough to watch much of the time these days.
  4. SooToo

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Per Twitter, it appears Mr. Buetow has signed on with the AC.
  5. Two seats in Section 114, near the isle, for sale. Face value. If interested, text 701 866-4075.
  6. SooToo

    Playoff Time

    Just for context for anyone who doesn't recall, UND 6-0 at home this year; just 1-4 when playing on the road
  7. 2 seats in section 114 available for sale both nights vs St Cloud. Asking face value. Text 701 866-4075 if interested.
  8. Close to isle. $35 each. Text 701 866-4075 if interested.
  9. Two seats available for BOTH Friday and Saturday nights vs Bemidji in section 114. Face value ($40 per ticket Friday; $49 per ticket Saturday). If interested, text 701 866-4075.
  10. SooToo

    2020 FB Recruiting

    FWIW, I don't believe he has any other D1 offers.
  11. SooToo

    2020 FB Recruiting

    I would hope we're not making early offers to "marginal guys looking to take whatever shows up."
  12. Pure (public) speculation, of course, but what's the purpose?
  13. Two tickets still available for Saturday night. Lower Bowl. Section 114
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