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  1. SooToo

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Congrats to Mr. Graetz. Great opportunity for him or any other young man to play FCS football and get a free education (albeit at the AC) to boot. Sounds like UND staff felt he was a quality candidate but he's not the first and won't be the last to be blinded by their recent success. Time to move the focus to one of several quality QBs still available.
  2. SooToo

    2019 UND Recruiting

    It may be a complete nonfactor at this point, but the only Colorado QB listed in the Wiki "prospects" list is Riley Kinney, who, per Twitter is a verbal PWO to Nebraska as a receiver/athlete. Looks like something of the opposite to W. Kinney on film -- good runner with OK arm.
  3. SooToo

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    MODS, Could all the NDSU sniping be transferred over to the recent NDSU dump thread so that readers looking for actual recruiting news don't have to wade through the apparently endless obsession with the AC? Thanks in advance.
  4. SooToo

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    . So most days are youwearing some sort of superhero cape, or just one of those silly deerstalker caps like Sherlock Holmes?
  5. SooToo

    UND - Northern Arizona Game Day Thread

    Can't give a pass to ANY aspect of this team's play today. Been sad to watch as they've regressed in seemingly every phase of the game this season -- except maybe special teams, which had no where to go but up. And that's a problem with coaching, not players.
  6. Two groups of 2 tickets available in Section 114. Different rows. $40 per ticket. Text 701 866-3872 if interested.
  7. Section 114; 2 seats in Row H, 2 seats Row K for sale. $40 (face value) per ticket. TEXT 701 866-3872 if interested.
  8. Section 114. Two seats in Row H for sale for Friday and Saturday. Two seats in Section 114 Row K for sale for Saturday only. $30 per seat. Text 701 866-3872 if interested. Tickets are in Fargo but can be transferred to you.
  9. 2 available for Friday v St Cloud. $30 each. Text 701 866-3872 if interested.
  10. 2 tickets stil available for Saturday. Text if interested to 701 866-3872
  11. 2 groups of 2 tickets, section 114 for sale for Saturday $50 each Text 701-866-3872
  12. 4 seats (2 groups of 2) available for Friday's game vs Omaha. Section 114, rows H and K. Text 701 866-4075 if interested.
  13. SooToo

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Well played. ... I think.