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Illinois announced a $300 Million campaign for athletics. Looks like hockey wouldn't be part of that $300 Million.



Whitman also said the school continues to explore the feasibility of adding intercollegiate men’s hockey, but that the $300 million being raised as part of the “With Illinois” project would not cover that expense.

“We’re working with consultants and anxious to see how that works out,” Whitman said. “If we can bring hockey across the finish line that would be above and beyond; we see it as a tremendous opportunity to get a hockey program and to transform our community.”

Sources have said the university is looking at a three-rink facility with one rink designated for community use, another as a practice rink and a third as part of a 5,000-seat arena for competition.

Although the university has received encouragement from the National Hockey League and the Chicago Blackhawks, funding for the hockey facility and program would be essential and remains unresolved.


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