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  1. Why would the NSIC be okay with being a pass through conference for UST? What other options do they have for a D2 conference? Literally zero. All it would take is for the NSIC to say "no thanks", for the Summit to offer them, and then things could be worked out with the NCAA.
  2. I realize I am venturing into SiouxVolley territory here, but I just read some internet speculation that UST might petition he NCAA to transition directly to D1 given the involuntary nature of them getting kicked out of their conference and lack of options available to them, i.e. if they decide to go D1 the NSIC isn't going to be too open to them parking in that conference for a couple years just to pass through. Could the Summit actually be involved as an intermediary in helping UST go straight to D1 and join the conference?
  3. I am excited for the Tommies. They need to leave that B.S. D3 conference behind and move up to the D2 NSIC or even go all the way to D1 and join the Summit. The hockey program needs to go D1 as well and join the WCHA. We need more D1 programs in hockey, St. Thomas would be a great addition given their location and resources ($429 million endowment). They could pull off a full move to D1, and should.
  4. And because I believe in "links or it didn't happen" LINK
  5. My wife is a Tommy grad and just got the email announcement, they just got kicked out.
  6. Ok, this is anecdotal evidence and I am not even sure if it is true, but here goes. I was in Michigan this year and spoke with a guy who's kid was drafted into the OHL. We talk about the college hockey route and if he goes to the OHL that will shut that door. He tells me his kid was offered $100,000 to sign with this team and if Major Junior doesn't get him to the pros then his college is already paid for, so it's worth giving up college eligibility. I didn't really press it if the 6 figures he was being offered was the monetary equivalent of the Major Junior education package or if it was a $100k cash contract. Either way, that's a lot of money and security to pass up for a teenager. I think the system is just fine as is and any changes would only favor Major Junior and lead to the collapse in quality of the USHL and College Hockey. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at some Major Junior programs but my guess is there is cash being exchanged beyond the compensation models we know of. I think College Hockey would end up suffering as every player who has professional aspirations (and what player doesn't) would choose the Major Junior route first and College Hockey would end up being the choice for those who can't make Major Junior or those who wash out of Major Junior, either way the NCAA is getting leftovers.
  7. Actually, it's the opposite. The talent pool is extremely deep. Currently, there are not enough D1 spots for the depth of talent that is out there. Legit D1 players are getting shuffled down into D3 and even ACHA D1. I agree with the other poster that there could be 10-15 programs added and it wouldn't negatively impact the quality of play.
  8. I agree, but UST has received the message they are not wanted. Who wants to be in a relationship where they are not wanted? No matter the vote I expect UST will do an evaluation of their athletics program and will seek greener pastures whether that be another D3 conference or a move up to D2 or possibly even D1.
  9. The best option for the Summit is to look west for members or to form some sort of new conference (yes, the Montana strategy, the Great North Conference). The reason is that once you get out west the mentality about travel changes, we're used to driving long distances. Pretty much everybody on this board knows somebody or personally has to drive multiple hours round trip just to make a trip to the grocery store, or Home Depot, Menards, even Walmart, we're used to living in this spread out country west of the Mississippi. Schools in the east, there are so many of them and the travel is so condensed, they won't stay in a western based conference if they have a choice.
  10. I drove to Detroit recently, 12 hours from Vermillion, SD to Detroit. While there it dawned on me that Pittsburgh was only a little more than 4 hours away, and New York City was only a little over 9 hours away. Point is, I always thought of Penn State as being out of the Big Ten footprint. The reality is that Penn State, Maryland, Rutgers are closer to the eastern Big Ten schools (OSU, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State) than the Big Ten East schools are to the Big Ten West schools like Iowa, Minnesota, and obviously Nebraska, yet we think of those schools as "Midwestern" Big Ten type schools. I mean, it's only a 12 hour drive from Chicago to New York City. It also crystalized in my mind why schools like Fort Wayne, Indiana State, and Youngstown don't really want to have anything to do with the Dakota schools. Once you get west of the Mississippi River the country starts to get really, really big. Bottom line is that Rutgers and Maryland really aren't out of the Big Ten footprint and are easily accessible by the Big Ten East schools, even if we think it's crazy it really isn't.
  11. Yet people think Augustana to the Summit is a sure thing, or even a good thing. The same arguments against these schools can be used against Augustana.
  12. Tournament is not legit. No Carey's in Vermillion. I think the USD Barstool account is pro Char-Bar (Charcoal Lounge) though. Either way, it's tough to beat the lineup of Carey's, Char-Bar, Leo's, OLC (Old Lumber Company), The Pub (Main Street Pub), and The Varsity that make downtown Vermillion the prime place to get blackout drunk. That's without heading out to the far end of Main Street for a few Bombers at Bunyan's. When you guys start the MVFC schedule you'll have to come down to Verm every other year.
  13. Somebody needs to approach St. Thomas about moving up and joining the Summit. The WCHA would be all over their hockey program too. This school has the cash to make it happen if they wanted to.
  14. Problem with the PAC 12 schools is that they are falling far behind the other P5 conferences in funding. If not for geographical isolationism the conference would have been picked apart by now. The PAC 12 Network has been a failure so far and they have now resorted to selling off part of the network for immediate funding in a bid to keep up with other conferences. None of this hints of any sort of extra cash lying around to start hockey programs. Of course, the PAC 12 has always treated its non-revenue and Olympic sports much differently than, say, the SEC schools who offer minimal sports offerings and pump all their money into football. The PAC 12 would be a conference more open to another sport offering, given their history in supporting the Olympic sports. Hockey could be revenue neutral to revenue positive for them as well, along with providing more content for programming. The Big Ten is the obvious candidate for a conference to add programs. The BTHC needs more programs, BTN needs content, the conference is swimming in money, the conference is located in hockey friendly states in the Midwest and Northeast. It's almost morally wrong that every school in the conference doesn't have a program.
  15. I came here specifically to quote this. It's just proof that there is tremendous depth in the player pool and D1 college hockey needs expansion badly. There needs to be more programs.
  16. Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines is another option that is available right now. Ice is in all winter for the Iowa Wild.
  17. I don't think so, not if the franchise is serious about being successful and wants to last long term. Sure, there would be some GF players on the team, but the best players in GF are better than MJ material , they are USHL and NAHL material. If the franchise wants to survive long term they would take the best players they could recruit from their recruiting area of ND, SD, MN, etc.
  18. Confused because your location says Twin Cities. You must be referencing players leaving HS early for Juniors, or a program like Gentry. Players don't normally transfer into Edina to play, those teams are homegrown (except for their goalie this year who played for Nashville Jr Preds U15 AAA team, no idea how he got to Edina). Edina is a youth program that not only produces players for Edina's HS roster but also schools like Benilde St. Margaret's and other private school programs. What is Moorhead's perspective on scheduling ND schools? If the openings where there would they do it? Or would it effect their SOS playing out of state teams (would the state of MN "Count" the games)? Scheduling is a two way street. ETA: See somebody beat me to the Edina comment. That youth program provides players for a lot of schools.
  19. I wasn't even talking about ND High School hockey. Reread and you notice I left you guys out of that. I said SD, IA, NE, and even WI. First sentence of the third paragraph.
  20. You guys already have a Tier 1 before and after team with Team North Dakota. You could make a serious case for a full season Tier 1 program in Fargo/Grand Forks. The question that can't be answered is how many players may have been able to move on to juniors or college if they were in a full season Tier 1 program to develop them. Talent doesn't just happened, it needs to be developed. This weekend Team North Dakota plays Sioux Falls Power for a trip to nationals. Team ND doesn't even field a U18 team (what's up with that?) and the Power are favorites at the 16, 15, and 14 levels. So maybe that is a litmus test to see if B&A is working for ND. Before and after teams work, Team Wisconsin is one of the top programs in the country. It works over there, but there are also more hockey players to pull from. With that statement you just described hockey in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and even Wisconsin. These youth teams compete in and against MN programs from Squirt to Bantam and then at High School the programs drop off the map. The development, literally, slows to a crawl because they become insulated leagues and don't compete against the better MN programs. Also, many of the better players leave for Tier 1 because these HS leagues are no pathway to a higher level of hockey. Though North Dakota HS hockey might be in better shape, at least one or two of the programs I am really torn on High School hockey because I really love the idea of it. It obviously works for Minnesota and, maybe, Michigan, though they have like 8 Tier 1 programs there too.. I question whether HS (in other states) aids in player development, or if players just stagnate and backslide. For full disclosure, we have struggled with this personally as my oldest left HS hockey in Iowa and moved away to play Tier 1. I know the expense and sacrifice more than anybody. I also know he would be nowhere close to being the player he is today if he had stayed in the HS program, not even close.
  21. Are there any updates on that potential MJHL team in Grand Forks? Interested to see if that develops.
  22. Is that sarcasm? I can't tell because there actually has been some good things that have come out of it. Class A hockey is getting better and better. There has been great growth in interest and quality of play in the small school outstate areas because they actually have something they can compete for. The Class A tournament the last few years has been very compelling. I realize the nostalgia for the single class event, but I think it would be detrimental to small school hockey. Yes, the feel good story of a Warroad or Greenway making a run and winning the entire thing sounds great, the reality is that would be the rarest of things in the current environment.
  23. I remember that. I think it was just a couple of years ago as they have only recently started televising the event on Midco.
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