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  1. Bemidji State, St. Cloud State, Minnesota State, UM-Duluth, now Augustana. NSIC hockey in the future? Somebody check the by-laws. If Moorhead, SMSU, or Winona jump on the D1 train is that the magical 6th needed to force NSIC hockey? My guess is Augie is CCHA bound.
  2. Looks like Air Force and Colorado State came to their senses and told the AAC "thanks, but no thanks".
  3. We need to start thinking about Summit Football or some future in FBS with Dakota and Montana schools in a conference together.
  4. That is such a dumb move by those two schools. The MWC is just as good or better than the AAC post them getting gutted by the Big 12.
  5. It's happening. From KELO: Augustana to break ground on new hockey arena Oct. 5 | KELOLAND.com
  6. I think the FargoDome limits NDSU's ability to move to FBS. Imagine this, NDSU would be transitioning from D2 to D1 FCS to D1 FBS without any facility upgrade whatsoever. I just don't think that 30 year old, 19,000 capacity seat, non-expandable stadium screams FBS. Build a new stadium and then they would be a good add, but will the citizens of Fargo vote for their taxes to build NDSU a new stadium? Or can NDSU build their own on-campus stadium?
  7. AAC - $7 million pre-realignment and that is going to drop like a stone Read an article that the Big 12 without Texas and Oklahoma was looking at between $12-15 million per school per year. Those two schools contributed over 50% of the value of the media deal to the Bog 12. Take them away and add 4 schools from that $7 million conference and they'll be lucky to hit $15 million per school payout.
  8. It's all about the money. Money feeds the AD machine. The current Big 12 schools are not going to be able to keep funding their football programs at current levels when their TV money goes from $30 million to $15 million. They are not going to be able to fund capital improvement projects. Most importantly they are not going to have the budget to attract and retain coaches, the recruiting budget, etc. At the same time the other Power conferences, especially the BIG and SEC will be signing new media rights deals approaching $80-90 million. It's a simple as money = competitive advantage
  9. Dude is Glass Joe. I don't care how good a player is, if he's constantly unavailable due to injury he's worthless.
  10. I would rate the Big 12 the top G conference. Don't kid yourself, when this all shakes out the Big 12 will not be recognized as a Power conference because they added four G5 schools. When that Big 12 TV contract gets renegotiated they are looking at a serious reduction in revenue. That was already going to happen and was the impetus for Texas and OU to leave the Big 12. The Big 12 wanted to start negotiations and ESPN said no. Then OU and UT got a peak at what the numbers were going to look like from ESPN if they stayed in the Big 12 and that made the decision to bolt to the SEC that easy. There will be 4 Power conferences and 6 G6 conferences left when the dust settles. The MWC schools would be wise to just hold together for now.
  11. Why would any of the MWC schools leave for what constitutes the AAC now? The MWC is the better conference now and it is geographically tighter which saves a lot of travel costs and is much easier on the student-athletes in the non-football sports. The AAC TV contract is going to get renegotiated and cut so the money would not be worth it. The AAC should be looking at Sun Belt schools like Louisiana (ULL) and Coastal Carolina or CUSA schools like LaTech, Marshall, or UAB. Keep it on the eastern side of the US.
  12. Why wouldn't it be? What else does Midco have for programming other than the Dakota college sports?
  13. When the discussion comes up about which NCAA schools will start a hockey program the first thing that is mentioned is a facility to play in followed by "unless they get a $100 million endowment forget about it". The same applies to NDSU football and their facilities. In FBS terms, the FargoDome is tiny. 18,500 isn't near enough capacity for the MWC and it would by far be the smallest stadium in the conference. Fargo would need at minimum a 30,000 seat enclosed facility and that is going to cost huge $$$. Do they expect the city and the citizens of Fargo to foot the bill for the stadium or is NDSU ready to foot the $200+ million bill for a facility that hosts up to 10 dates a year, concerts, and graduation? The Kibbie Dome at Idaho holds 16,000 and Idaho failed at FBS and moved back down to FCS and the Big Sky. Even if NDSU was able to pull an FBS move off which conference do they go to? MWC is spread across the west. MAC is to the east and isn't really inclined to expand west. The destruction of the Big 12 is creating other viable alternatives these conferences are looking to add. Now NDSU is competing against KSU, OSU, and ISU for a seat at the MWC table. They have no chance getting selected over those schools. If the Big 12 survives and they steal from the AAC and MWC then NDSU might have a chance as being a backfill member in the MWC. Even then, what does NDSU bring to a conference? Excellence on the field, yes, I will give them that, but it's so much more than that. TV market, facilities, institutional fit, location, there is so much more than just being a good football program.
  14. Even if those talks the MWC had with NDSU were real those talks have been suspended now. The MWC might have a couple Big 12 leftovers fall in their lap. No point in talking to NDSU when KSU is coming on the market.
  15. Kansas is the only school that has a chance at the Big Ten and their historically horrible football program eliminates them. Iowa State has no shot at the Big Ten. Would be a net negative in revenue, no new markets, no new TV sets, and (while they are having a good season or two lately) they are historically bad in football and their basketball program is a train wreck right now. The only thing they have going for them is they are AAU. The thing to consider for Big Ten candidates is they have to increase the revenue pie. In order to get an invite the school would need to bring about $60 million in revenue to the table to justify getting a slice of the already huge Big Ten pie. Anything less and the Big Ten schools would be voting to get smaller payouts and subsidize their new addition. Why do that? It's the exact reason UT and OU just left the Big 12, they got tired of subsidizing the other Big 12 programs.
  16. Actually, I don't think so. In order for a conference to invite a school in that school has to be a net positive to the conference and bring in even more money. As it sits today the BIG pays out the most revenue per school with the SEC a close second, which will more than likely change once OU and UT are added. What school is out there that the BIG or the SEC could bring in that can increase their revenue pie? And the school needs to be a free agent, or soon to be free agent. Notre Dame and the ACC are tied up until 2036. Unless the BIG looks to the PAC there is nobody they can add that increases the revenue pie. There is nobody the SEC can add that increases the revenue pie. I think conference realignment at the P4 level is done. What remains is what the remaining Big 12 members do. Add schools from the AAC and MWC or split up and go to the AAC and MWC.
  17. Good news about RMU. What has happened is going to hurt their player retention and recruiting efforts. I guess if I was a senior or junior I'd come back and try to ride it out and finish school and get my degree from RMU. It can be tough transferring once you're that far into school and having all credits transfer and line up with you new school. Younger players and recruits, RMU might be my last option. I hope the fans understand that and still come out to support the team and show they are just happy to have the program.
  18. Was in Grand Forks over the weekend, hit up the Original Red Pepper, of course. Also saw the sign for the new Indian place when we stopped at Erbs & Gerbs. Now for a rant, Erbs & Gerbs, freaking Covid is over, open your dining area up. WTF, really? Finally, WHAT THE HELL! Tim Horton's closed??? I was looking forward to some TimBits and a coffee. Had to settle for Caribou/Einstein. Not happy about that. Tried to hit up Fat Albert's before we left town but it was not open yet. Too bad. Like their subs.
  19. I look at it this way, what is the point of adding a school in a market you want "access to" if the school in that market is viewed as small time or a joke in that market? By associating with that school you are also viewed as a joke. Believe me, that is the perception amongst prospective students, kids growing up in their formative years. I grew up in Sioux City, and Morningside being in the same conference as the Dakota schools skewed my perception of the NCC schools, that they were a small time joke. It wasn't until I actually looked into it and went through recruitment that I realized what USD, UND, SDSU, NDSU really were. I had a higher opinion of UNI and Drake because UNI played games against Iowa State and Drake was in the Valley. Now the perception of the Dakota schools has completely changed amongst prospective students in this area. Adding Augustana to the conference would signal to prospective students that we're small time again. Adding a school in a large metro area that is viewed as small time gives the perception that your school is also small time by association. The Summit doesn't need to take on any school out of desperation. At this point we can be selective. We can raise the profile of the conference from within by constantly improving our programs. We don't need outside help unless it would be a no-brainer slam dunk. St. Thomas was a no-brainer. If UNI called tomorrow and wanted in the Summit that would be a no-brainer. UNC, I would pause a bit. There might be fallout with DU with that decision. Augustana, forget about it. They bring nothing we don't already have, in fact, that addition would be a drag on several of our member schools.
  20. 2004 birth year Ausmus went through Minnesota District and is listed as an EGF player. I didn't see Panzer on this list but know he was in Sioux Falls for Stampede main camp so maybe he wasn't at Select 17 camp. I had also seen his name as being invited. Still, he'd also be an EGF/Minnesota District player.
  21. So Major Junior players retain their NCAA eligibility now?
  22. Seems an appropriate spot for this. I come up here to get my hockey talk fix because there is nobody to talk with on the Yote board. USA Hockey Select 17 Camp is just finishing up. Looking at the camp list is concerning. I count 3 players from the Northern Plains district that were invited, 2 from North Dakota and 1 from Montana, 0 from South Dakota and Montana. Of the 3 players invited, a goalie from North Dakota played last season for Omaha AAA, a forward from Montana played at Lawrence Academy (Mass Prep), and a defenseman from Williston HS. There was a forward from SF Power but he's from New Mexico and went through the Rocky Mountain District. The obvious question is obvious, why only 3 players from the Northern Plains District? I realize it is based on registration numbers but only 3 spots? No Grand Forks Hockey representation? None from SD or WY? There is a depth of good players in North Dakota (and even South Dakota) that were passed over simply because there are not enough "spots". Northern Plains District should get a few more spots, especially when you consider Central District got 19 and Rocky Mountain got 12. 3 players from the Green Bay Jr Gamblers U16 team made it (one of them is listed as playing for the Chicago Steel). You're telling me one team in Wisconsin should get as much representation as 4 states? This does not help in convincing the best players in our respective states that they should stay home and play high school hockey and they will be recognized and can go somewhere from there. LINK
  23. I fricking hate Tampa, always have, but I want that Cup drought for Canada to continue. On the other hand, the Canadiens winning the Cup would drive Leafs fans insane. I don't think it matters who you want to win, Tampa is going to crush Montreal.
  24. You're getting a good one here. Local Sioux City kid. Brady Ferner - Elite Prospects
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