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  1. Standing Rock Protests

    Funny how they never protested going over water by Williston but until it was closer to them even though the water system flows south so it was going to Lake Oahe sooner or later.
  2. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    You haven’t heard of Lakesbison have you.
  3. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    I think seeing UCF go undefeated just for a bowl game was a wake up call not only to NDSU but any FCS school wanting to move up that they will never contend for the FBS playoffs.
  4. Ever since...

    Except in football
  5. Indian nicknames in the news

  6. Indian nicknames in the news

    So Syracuse is on the clock.
  7. Indian nicknames in the news

    U of Illinois is still Fighting Illini. They scraped Chief Illiniwek, got rid of all Indian imagery as a logo and said Illini are people from the state of Illinois.
  8. University of north dakota fighting nodaks

    1. NCAA has a Native American nickname policy. 2. UND settled a lawsuit with the NCAA 3. Standing Rock voted against use of the nickname 4. SBoHE told UND to retire the name in lieu of failing to acquire TWO tribal approveals as required in the lawsuit. 5. North Dakota voters approved the removal of the state law requiring UND to remain the Fighting Sioux. 6. UND retired the name and will acquire a new one in 3 years (2015) 7. UND chooses Fighting Hawks from a group of nicknames sumitted. 8. Ed Shafer chooses Fighting Hawk logo in 2016. Fight is over. 8 rounds of this sh*t is enough. I and others have moved on.
  9. Ever since...

    Are you done so you can hug your Sioux pillow and curse the little birdie for making the hockey team soft.
  10. University of north dakota fighting nodaks

    UND didn’t waste a lot of money putting logos on uniforms, buildings, and merchandise to say “let’s scrap it all and have nothing for a nickname”. You want to be involved, sign up to be fitted for the Fighting Hawk mascot outfit.
  11. University of north dakota fighting nodaks

    Give it up. UND is the Fighting Hawks...end of story.
  12. Ever since...

    So people should have been outraged that UND got rid of the geometric logo on the jerseys from 2001-2012 since every year they had the Brien Sioux logo they never won a national title. I swear your hatred for that little birdie on the shoulder of the jersey is beyond laughable it’s pretty sad.
  13. Ever since...

    I wonder how many people blamed the new Sioux logo on that down season. Bring back the geometric logo.
  14. Ever since...

    We aren’t going to play for a National Title every year, nor are we going to win it every year since we have won 8 national titles in over 70 years of hockey thats one title per almost 9 years on average. From 1964-1979 zero titles. From 80-87 we won it 3 times. 88-96 zero titles, from 97-00 we won it twice. 2001-2015 zero titles. See a pattern. It happens in every sport, college and pro. Tradition isn’t slipping away, we have one of the richest if not “THE” richest tradition of men’s college hockey in the country. I think you are overreacting on this season, this team historically bounces back and bounces back strong, and why, because we have the cathedral of an arena, we have the best hockey fanbase in the country, and we have 8 NC banners hanging in the REA which only Michigan can say they have more. Things will turnaround and we will be back.