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  1. Sure
  2. Travel would hurt, and you think maybe the SBoHE would say no.
  3. Why is putting a Hawk on the ice or jersey the worst thing? What are fans gonna do stop showing up? There are plenty of people that will gladly take their seats. The best thing they can do is implement the Hawk logo in that building because die hard Sioux forever fans see that building as a Sioux sanctuary that will be untouched with Hawk logos as it's surrounded by Sioux logos. The longer it takes for Hawk logos to not be in that building the more divided this fan base will be.
  4. I thought UMKC was re-joining the SL? Also would the SD board let SDSU split away from USD once again? I don't think NDSU is going anywhere, as for SDSU I think they are staying as long as SF continues to be the entrance way to the dance.
  5. Maybe if they win the NC they will wave the Hawk banner. There was no logo at the time of the 2016 NC. Plus it is the hockey team, the last sport to incorporate the name and logo so why not wave a Sioux banner.
  6. I wonder if we will hear the screeching Hawk sound after each touchdown again, or if they will expand it to 3rd downs, all scoring, etc.
  7. Whatever Trump.
  8. I am glad the Big 12 doesn't follow the FCS ban like the Big 10. They were afraid of the ass kicking their teams were getting.
  9. Don't forget the constant protests and letters by BRIDGES, Indian tribes, and others, anytime someone dressed like an Indian, or had some stupid t-shirt, or did the tomahawk chop. All that is wiped out with the new name and logo. Its sad that the Sioux name/logo ended like it did but that part of UND history is closed and the Fighting Hawk part of UND history is just beginning. I remember the Potato Bowl someone yelled "Let's go Sioux" it lasted 5 seconds and was never heard from again. It seems like the REA is the last place where they want to keep the Sioux name alive, and the most vocal anti-Hawk fanbase we have. Maybe year after year it will change but the REA will have to majorly step up in accepting the Hawk name. Starting with the ice, jerseys, merchandise, PA. Instead of "Here's your UND scoring", try Here's your University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks Scoring". Who cares if the crowd boos when its announced. Say it over, and over and over. They will sound more and more stupid by booing.
  10. But wasn't the blackhawk logo just on the hockey jerseys and not the official logo of the school?
  11. Damn, forgot about them. First win against K-State, 2nd win against ISU, (unless we play another B12 team in between).
  12. Lets get our first win against the Big 12 with these guys.
  13. Just think the Hawk name has as many National titles as the latest Sioux logo does, Hawk name 1 (2016 MH) Last Sioux logo 1 (2001 Football) The logo leader is the geometric Sioux logo (1976-2000) with 3 basketball titles, and 5 hockey titles.
  14. All you have to do is look on social media for the division. Everytime something is posted on a UND (enter sport here) page especially the men's hockey page, you will have one fan say Go Hawks, and a sh*t ton of replies of *Sioux, you mean Sioux, you misspelled Sioux, Sioux is not spelled H A W K S, etc. The hockey crowd thinks the REA will be immune from seeing the Hawks logo either on the jersey, on the ice, or in the Sioux Shop because they see Sioux logos and think that building is safe, reality will kick those people in the @ss as you can see what happened in other sports and sports buildings.