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  1. I would rather have trophies, banners and a sweet dance trip over being in top of these standings.
  2. The total shift of the league is towards the Dakota teams, and away from the upper midwest. Since IUPUI joined in 2007, teams that have left was Valpo, Centenary, Southern Utah, Oakland and UMKC. Maybe more teams in our area will join the Summit (more of the NCC 2.0), and more of an exit from the outliners (IPFW, and ORU).
  3. I haven't heard any news since the Title IX people were digging into UND, I assume they haven't found nothing or else it would have hit the newsfeed by now. Also the Lameroux twins have been pretty silent lately, have they run out of crap to throw at their alma mater?
  4. I'm shocked he didn't know that since he is a regular here.
  5. Talking about the REA upsetting those Sioux Forever folks.
  6. You must have only watched the hockey tournaments. March Madness was all about the Fighting Hawks.
  7. CMU got permission from the closest Chippewa tribe to their campus, because their state's AG didn't F' up their NCAA settlement and make the school require two tribal approvals. If UND had to get permission from their closest Sioux tribe, we would still be the Fighting Sioux as Spirit Lake gave approval.
  8. Hopefully this film stays on topic of history and not a slam against the current name/logo. That's all we need is another thing to drive the fanbase apart, even more than it is now.
  9. Are we still doing that home/home with NDSU again this year? It would be great if the South Dakota schools would do that for the last time as non-conference opponents.
  10. Just proves they don't care about women's sports. Are the Title 9 people still around? #buttfootball
  11. Should've done better.
  12. Purple Eagles is what you get watching Philadelphia on Sunday's.
  13. You haven't warmed up to the name I voted on? Knights was a better choice than Pride so take that with a grain of salt. I was the last class to graduate as a Maroon and Grey.
  14. True, the only title was in 2005. They have won 4 hockey titles as Knights.