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  1. Was it because you didn't get the part of Biff?
  2. Yeah right. Money puts the butts in the seats not the product on the field. Lol!!
  3. Average of 909 per match. Reminds me of the attendance of a women's hockey program that just got cut. More people crying out to save it but not willing to show up in the seats, pathetic.
  4. It's the fact that the poster went back to 1930 thinking that name change will be that easy compared to changing the name/logo today is laughable. We never had a Flickertails logo and no jerseys ever had the name Flickertails on it. It was an unofficial name. They continued with Nodaks on the uniforms, therefore changing the name to an "official" name like Sioux was very easy. Today you have an official name and official logo, and I don't see it going away. But like you said maybe a secondary Hawk logo could be in the works down the road.
  5. UND is like NHL for women? The team won no championships. It's not like we were a powerhouse at women's hockey that would be the next state over.
  6. How did that process go? What was said on social media about it? Show me what the Flickertail logo looked like?
  7. I see them taping little picket signs to their wings.
  8. Never happen, unless Hawks start to protest the name, the nickname is staying.
  9. So will we see a Hawks logo on center ice?
  10. That was the 1997 game at the Hyslop, I was at that game. I have never heard that place more loud.
  11. I remember getting meals from the Salvation Army, porta potties on the corner of the block, drinking canned water from Anheiser Busch. Not to mention the noise of generators and water pumps, and all the backbreaking work getting things out of basements. I am always on edge every winter into spring hoping to never going through this again and it did almost happen in 2009, when Fargo almost had to evacuate. I always welcome very dry winters. 20 years seems like yesterday.
  12. Would they get rid of football to move up?
  13. Maybe with our dance trip (showing our program is legit) we could be a travel partner with NDSU and move to the MVC as well. SDSU won't move and give up home court in Sioux Falls every March, same with USD. Fly into Fargo, drive up to GF for a game, drive down to Fargo for game #2 of the week (or weekend) and fly home out of Fargo. Or take all 4 Dakota teams and watch the Summit League collapse. Its fun to play what if.
  14. 131 days until kickoff!!!!
  15. She would have more people in the OR than at the REA.