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  1. 2018 Season

    Every day that goes by without him being added to an NFL roster makes me feel worse for the kid. Potentially another season to prove he could stay healthy would have done him wonders.
  2. They don’t and I acknowledged that. You may want to read his post I replied to...... goodness. Ive acknowledges everything the Ralph does, it’s a top notch facility. However, for years I have been in Fargo complaining about UND not having a president that puts the best interest of UND above all else like FU has. Now they have someone who seems to go there and people want him to just roll over like the past presidents did.
  3. Not many. Sound in the Alerus isn’t great. Grand Forks is in a great spot to have two facilities that they do. I just don’t buy the Ralph being the sole reason you would come back to Grand Forks and spend $10,000.
  4. You don’t know that? It would not have been the Ralph but no one knows what would have happened and anything is speculation. I always lose count of how many NHL players UND has along with potential donors like Sanford chopping to get into UND. There is other money that could have been put together for something but again, I am only speculating. Other programs have won plenty of games over the last 15 years without an arena like the Ralph.
  5. I am not in the position to give a fraction of the money many others do but I finally see Kennedy as a president trying to create an identity for UND. Make the tough decisions, cut the fat and merge programs and build on the programs your good at. As a donor, I would appreciate that vs the presidents we have had the last few years who roll over to anyone, anytime. At the end of the day, I will be shocked if this doesn’t work out for the both the Englestad foundation and UND. And based on the giving the last few years above and beyond the Ralph, it had stopped from he Englestads anyway.
  6. Not arguing the point as the Ralph is an incredible gift but you wouldn’t have come to a hockey game if it was not in that building?
  7. Maybe the new administration doesn’t want the “it’s good enough” mentality in the athletic dept. anymore.
  8. The willingness of the leadership of those programs to move on publicly may have something to do with it as well.
  9. I appreciate a president that has a backbone and goes to bat for what his coaches want in their home arena.
  10. I was not aware there was more than one supporter of women’s hockey.
  11. Agree with this^^^^^^^^^ Well said. And agree with this^^^^^^^ well said. Now that everyone's hurt feelings are out in the open, the pressure is on to get to the table. UND agreed to a deal a long time ago and the bottom line is things have really changed since than. Time to be adults and talk about it. Personally I am a bit more in Kennedy's corner but I also agree that if things aren't working right and $$$ starts slipping in the hockey program, there is a huge trickle down to other sports. Its time get rid of this hockey and everything else mindset. Grand Forks can support a clear #1 and #1A sport but other programs have to do the part and win. Volleyball is proving by a percentage of attendance vs. capacity that people will show up for a successful program. Tailgating last year was a popular thing. It can work out for everyone and the stronger the entire athletic dept. is the better off all will be. Hopefully that is Kennedy's intention here.
  12. Any chance Ray Richards reopens after the golf program gets cut? I would think there is some correlation there.
  13. Someone on this board has the saying “follow the dollar”. I imagine here it’s where the dollar stops. Lots of $$$ for those who see the budget could be brought to light.
  14. Memorial Stadium

    If by renovated you mean fully enclosed than yes, I agree
  15. The legislature passing a law for a “cool down” period helped nothing. It made things worse. You argued that you wanted the school to move quickly but they couldn’t. That was the start on the gong show but in reality the legislature does share some blame.
  16. So your frustration is with the state leadership/legislature than?
  17. I agree and the same argument could be made the other way What’s it to others how some alumni choose to work with the foundation and spend their money/donations? Someone wanted to give $35,000 for a mascot costume and it’s suddenly a conspiracy to accelerate the change
  18. Online Students?

    That’s a couple Minneapolis billboards.
  19. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Not real uncommon for there to be some displeasure when there is a management change at any company. People hate change by nature. These same people were likely not happy since Kelly left. What is different here is these employees feel it’s best to air their heartburn in the local paper.
  20. Spring Ball 2018

    Solid write up. Hard to argue any of those points. OL a big concern.
  21. Native Americans on Campus

    Pow wow at UND is an event and much bigger. No tin foil needed for this one.
  22. Spring Ball 2018

    So am I
  23. Spring Ball 2018

    And an actual game made it better? it was all run plays with a running clock in the second half. No starters. No entertainment and not much different than yesterday.
  24. Spring Ball 2018

    For their spring game, not really.
  25. Spring Ball 2018

    Yeah, it’s not the same. There are high school teams there that average more than any college teams here.