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  1. Let people choose if they would like to attend. Instead every bar and restaurant in Fargo will be full as they are advertising (and good for them) for watch parties. Some would have been full anyhow but now you dump another few thousand who may attend there. Dome is big enough for 8,000 and properly spaced.
  2. Kid is legit. FU getting a very solid player
  3. homer

    FBS games

    ^^^^^i hope so. We should have found a way to make a game or two happen.... if the players wanted it. Frustrating to watch KSU struggle last week and maybe what could have been
  4. Great to hear. Welcome to UND
  5. homer


    I’m sure they could get it if they wanted it. Not sure why they haven’t already but the Altru relationship is their preference. Probably not the best optics as this moves forward depending what’s found out.
  6. ^^^^^^This. It will likely be televised. I understand the challenge but wish UND could find a way to make some games happen the fall assuming the players want to play.
  7. The G5 schools won’t cancel a non conference season if they have any games that will make their schools money on their schedules. As soon as their money games go away, they will not pay any school to come in and play. If their is a glimmer of hope that some of their games stay on the schedule with some of the P5 conference +1 scheduling, their non conference will stay as well. UND is hanging onto K St but it’s a long shot. It would be great if the MVFC could at minimum do a full conference schedule his year.
  8. They will wait until every school has lost their money FBS game. You can’t cost a school a money game if they have the opportunity.
  9. I think the MLB deal right now maybe put a halt to any plans. I agree with you though.
  10. Depending how wide the edging is and how close it is to the house they will likely dig underneath it and dig a narrow trench to the house. They won’t cut it or lay it over the top.
  11. Is the number font on the turf the same as what is on the players helmets?
  12. Conferences setting up to start practice when school starts, maybe a week earlier and start season when conference starts. Buys them another month to evaluate vs having to start practice beginning of August.
  13. Don’t forget the noise when gas prices get to high.
  14. You would have to think he is a serious option
  15. Guessing he is looking to go FBS.
  16. Kid runs pretty clean routes for being 6’6” in high school.
  17. As of last night, police officers protecting themselves when threatened is now condoned by some.
  18. Right there is a choice to listen to music but apparently the word(s) used within those songs are only allowed to be used by people of one color or race. If a person chooses to listen to those songs it should be acceptable of they sing them correct. Again, everyone of any color begins with the equal opportunity to purchase a gun.
  19. All people start with the right to purchase a gun correct?
  20. Best of luck to him where ever he ends up.
  21. I didn’t think Skonka was overrated last year. He was a true freshman coming off a torn ACL. Didn’t have fall camp and played well whether it be returning kicks or getting some offensive touches.
  22. I don’t think he made the backfield but he seemed to really fit what Danny wants to do with the offense. Get athletes the ball in space. Was one of our only home run threats last year. Unless he plans to go D2 it seems odd he would transfer for only one season.
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