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  1. I wasn’t aware he wasn’t be allowed to kneel if he chooses. Did I miss an announcement?
  2. Before the NCAA stepped in.....probably. Once that happened everyone could see it coming unfortunately. As for this, we will see. Everyone has he right to make their own choices regarding this issue.
  3. I don’t think you have to look to far to see real life examples. Don’t hold your breath too long. It may not be the individual donations that hurt (although some will), it will be the corporate donations.
  4. Sims would be a nice fit at the 4 defensively. DAE would have looked good setting the high screen on Saturday though. They were leaving that shot wide open and Sims or Sueker couldn’t shoot it or drive to create a shot. Would change the offense up if someone could consistently score from there.
  5. In my opinion it’s not only what returns but his summer will likely see more available transfers than ever before. If you have holes, there will be opportunity to fill them with grown men looking to play another year as 6th/7th?? year seniors.
  6. Hoping we can continue to find games. This team has some pieces, just need to get some time together. Turnovers and poor shooting today.
  7. Really good guards and will play physical with teams down low. We have helped them with turnovers today.
  8. Officiating has been a little inconsistent down low. Didn’t look terrible.
  9. Nero has been the difference since he checked in. Quick step.
  10. Dad is former d coordinator at UMary and I believe went to NorthEastern with Rocky.
  11. Feel terrible for these kids. What a season. December signing day can’t get here soon enough.
  12. Having a fantastic senior season. Singing day in less than one month. https://www.inforum.com/sports/football/6748882-Feeney-zips-6-touchdown-passes-in-first-half-as-Spuds-continue-aerial-success
  13. In. Just what I’ve heard but we will see. Wasn’t from anyone in the program.
  14. This fall practice season is key for all positions groups. He transfer pool will be huge this year as guys are moving around. I’ve heard of one potential WR transfer already I imagine other positron groups will have options as well.
  15. I’d like to see a green. I really like the look of these though
  16. Sucks. Always hate losing commitments.
  17. I agree. Great development of players. Also, even though they lose some players this year, there will be a crazy amount of players looking to transfer that will allow schools to restock at positions they may be thin at. NDSU will be an attractive option for those players if that is a route they choose to go.
  18. I would guess they will be ok. Can’t wait for them to have an off year. Players need to develop and play their own system as well as NDSU has.
  19. College will always be there. Get drafted, get paid and hopefully have a long career. Good for him.
  20. I wasn’t aware of any games played by the hockey team yet.
  21. Have they been out all year? Didn’t realize their offense was that injured every game this year. I thought I played against Goedert in fantasy this year. Is he their 3rd TE
  22. Is need to see out QB/WR play to make a prediction. I’d based on my gut feel today if it’s our first game they beat us by 10
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