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  1. As a UND fan I appreciated the way he played. He will be missed as running the ball will be our key to having any sort of playoff run. 30 days in between games gives a lot of opportunities for players to have a lot of conversations. Next man up and let’s see what we have.
  2. For the low major schools, mostly lateral. The high majors will fill holes with the better players moving up
  3. Would be a fun place to go to college.
  4. Vs likely outside looking in if they don’t play??
  5. Opportunity to get into the playoffs??
  6. This sucks. Do it a week earlier and see if we could have got MSU to work for what would essentially be a playoff game
  7. We already play a 3 man front
  8. Not sure if this was directed at me, but I don’t see anything political in the last few posts. Honestly what is going to be different about fall than right now?
  9. So how will things change in the fall?
  10. But there are cases of vaccinated testing positive? That is the concerning part to me is that if a single positive kills a game, even after vaccination what keeps it going?
  11. My opinion going into this off season for any school was if your roster looked the same starting next year you weren’t taking advantage of what is out there for you. I didn’t want to lose the PG but the others will be replaced with what’s available and hopefully better.
  12. Outside of the first run it appeared they had a lot of early success running A gap power. We adjusted by dropping d lineman down to cover the guards (which didn’t work) and they countered with running a bit wider. They likely could have continued with A gap power in the second half and had the same success.
  13. If there was an off season to be in full rebuild mode this is it. I think all gaps can be filled pretty quickly, a coach just has to do a good job finding pieces that gel. Maybe also having difficult conversations with some and telling them it’s time to move on. There will not be enough spots for all the D1 and maybe more importantly top D2 transfers this year.
  14. When people look back at 2020, the champion of FCS football will be the last thing they think about. Surprised the players on NDSUs roster played as hard as they did Saturday since it’s a slightly lesser season.
  15. We looked lost today. Bubba has the deer in headlights look on the sideline again. Should have lost his mind on a few of those no calls to try and light some fire. Terrible effort today.
  16. Front seven getting absolutely handled. Didn’t expect it. Embarrassing effort
  17. UND- 38 FU- 17 UND will walk out of the game as the more physical team. Undersized LB and an OL that is not as good as years past for FU
  18. Heard Feeney broke his hand playing some b-ball.
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