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  1. I’m not sure the full data set on transfers throughout college sports would agree with that. I think it’s just become the new norm in college sports. It’s going to work out for some and not for others and going to take time for players to understand that.
  2. Has anyone said on here that he should get 10 or 15 years?? Tough spot to be in as a coach when you get blame for not getting recruits but get zero credit for the ones you do get. You’ll be quick to blame him if either of those two transfer even though he didn’t get them here. I believe UNDs (and schools of similar size) biggest challenge right now is learning the new world of player retention and roster building. 5 year players are a thing of the past. No reason to redshirt players anymore. Need to build/maintain relationships with players for when they transfer from other schools. I think last year was a little new to everyone, I’m curious to see how he rounds out the roster this year.
  3. Do you know the initial offer? I actually think UND putting it to bid works in their favor for the reasons you mention above. Obviously Midco knows how important it is to their viewership. Easy way out would have been just renewing and taking a Midco offer.
  4. Do you know for sure we do not have interest?
  5. Beer distribution was not very good. Had to pour everything into cups. May have been a request of the band, really not sure but I can’t imagine how much money was left on the table by that being such a mess. You couldn’t have gotten drunk if you tried and I can almost guarantee no one left there with a buzz. Alcohol sales are parts of concerts and can mask a lot of other frustrations. Alerus needs to get this figured out to stop losing money and keep people coming back to the great shows they are booking.
  6. The Kinnebrew girl will be a very good college player as well. Some very good basketball played in that game
  7. It’s going to be the new normal for college sports. Either get with the times or your roster will be gutted every year. Not only basketball but all sports. This is so disappointing
  8. Pretty disappointing. Not sure what he has done to deserve an extension. Fans should be well aware who the AD is.
  9. Was Mills yelling at the players in the handshake line on video?
  10. In todays athletic climate Is an athletic dept better using resources: 1) to find businesses donate money to turn average facilities better 2) find businesses to throw money at NIL deals? which one is more attractive to todays college athlete?
  11. Best of luck to coach Rouse. Never met him but his position group was certainly solid the last couple seasons. He also seemed to be very active in recruiting as well.
  12. Anderson was not a washout. His reason for transferring had nothing to do with in the field issues at FU.
  13. It would likely be from 12 years ago and than Bohl locked all the media out of a Saturday scrimmage and issued knee pads for when they were ready to come back.
  14. “If” all those teams made the playoffs. And “If” those regular season games were playoff games. “If” those playoff games weren’t at neutral sites and at the same locations. Than maybe……..
  15. Is defending a “what if” scenario really simple minded? Simple minded would be one if. “if” we want to be considered for that playoff, than we need to move up.
  16. Lol. One post is a lot is it?? The fact you are even arguing a pretty deep “what if” scenario is equally as funny. If FU was in the MOuntain West and if they would have gone 12-1 in the regular season and and if they would have won their conference championship game if the FBS had a 12 team playoff than I suppose FU fans and Don are right, they would have been considered for the playoffs. Reality is none of that happened and every FCS team could make the same argument. Instead of throwing a pity party of “ifs” move up.
  17. I don’t give a !@#$ what you do. Trying to validate it to the common fan with 5 “ifs” in a scenario is funny don’t you agree. None of what he layed out in his scenario could have happened this year but in FUs fans minds they are now tied to Georgia and would have been in the FBS playoffs
  18. The fact that Dom bases his whole argument on “if” FU was in the Mountain West and “if” they went 12-1 and “if” they won the conference title game and “if” the playoffs was at 12 teams “than” they would have been considered for a playoff spot is comical. The amount of FU fans eating that up and using it as a “valid” argument on why they need to move up is even more funny. literally any FCS team could make that argument cause it’s all hypothetical. also Dom, the commissioner of the Mountain West will leave the table when the P5 commissioners tell him/her the meeting is done. Not when he/she gets their demands met.
  19. Was a great place to stand and watch the game but I applaud UND/Alerus for getting a business on board to do something creative for football. Peterson can buy all remaining tickets for every home game in that area for their customers, win/win for both. If it somehow means more people watching games and more revenue for a program that desperately needs it than we need to do more of it.
  20. My early guess is either back at UND or in the southeast US. Not a lot of options out there right now.
  21. If for some reason he doesn’t pan out Sather will get the blame so I’m willing to give credit for getting him here. I watched one of his games a few weeks ago and my gosh he is a good player.
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