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  1. Retention of talent. UND basketball and hockey can exist at the same time and is a poor excuse for the state of the roster. If Sather was able to hang on to even one of the two players that left last year and wasn’t a grad transfer this team looks different. If he is unable to retain the young talent on the team this year I will begin to wonder.
  2. If we could somehow get that 4th foul on Nelson
  3. Possibly the best player in the court first half?? Him or Nelson. Good young talent.
  4. UND will either keep it close due to shooting the 3 well or get blown out by 30 because we don’t. NDSU has really built a nice team and will make it difficult for us with their length. Hoping for the best but will drink a few before going to the SHAC tonight.
  5. Who would have known that is all it takes to win a National Championship.
  6. Keep beating the !@#$ out of that horse. Not sure it’s dead yet.
  7. I’m planning on it. QB improves, OL improves and I think we try some things to find a WR that fills our current need. I really like our RB room. Basing it on my opinion that I think the offense is improved and we score more points next year. I also have a bunch of confidence in the offensive staff that they learned from this year and will be better. Lots of young coaches there that will improve. Defense will be as good.
  8. Hopefully he also brings his teammate.
  9. And if the kid turns into a player, “it’s about time we recruit that kind of player”. It’s a lazy position to take.
  10. If he gets both accomplished in the short term great. I just don’t think he will have the bandwidth and think the football solution is more beneficial for the conference. It makes it more difficult for a school to find a FBS home for football only if a Summit football league is formed. My example is based on the Summit providing a home for the sports today and football.
  11. He will do well. Great player. Those jerseys are terrible.
  12. Making it easy for one school to be an affiliate member of an FBS conference for football and have a cost effective solution for their other sports does no favors to the other Summit league members. Also, the stability of the Summit is the Dakota schools. Lose one of those and the conference is not appealing to anyone. A new commish needs to do what it takes to keep the four together. Football does that before hockey.
  13. RBs and Sammy Fort. I think the other DEs remaining were going to play a lot anyway.
  14. Those schools are going to be recruiting at the same time. If the plan is to only stay competitive by transfers, likely doesn’t work long term. If you fill holes with transfers while also developing players (and retaining them) it can be sustainable. Coaches need to change with the new rules laid forth.
  15. Agreed. You want to pull football in another conference as “football only”. Have fun finding a conference for all your non revenue sports.
  16. Have to wonder when these coaches are in contact with these kids.
  17. I think it was a legitimate statement. The kid is choosing to leave schools, no reason to post any rumors on a website. There are correct avenues to take for those allegations and a fan message board isn’t it. As a fan I am bummed he’s leaving. No reason to post stuff about a young man on his way out. Most would welcome him back if things changed.
  18. I’m not real sure. To be honest I can’t recall any college coach that is an open book on any disciplinary action unless it’s something on record. I’m disappointed he’s not on our team but to continue to post either speculation or blame to the coaching staff with no evidence is something I won’t do.
  19. I would think not missing games when discipline is needed would imply a different set of rules. Maybe I’m missing something.
  20. He was fun to watch and made some great plays for us. I really hope it works out for all these guys when they leave. Plenty of talent to find and on the roster, need to put a good list of needs together and go execute.
  21. I don’t think we hear any news on this until right before Christmas or right after the start of second semester. I think most transfers will want to find a home before spring ball. Once again there will be many more players out there than spots available.
  22. Where did I say that? Game is a big deal. From what I saw this Oct the players and coaches on your sideline would agree.
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