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  1. My key is keep playing the style of football that worked for NDSU the last 12 years. Try to stay in 2nd and 5/6 & 3 and 2/3. We have done a verngood job on that so far this year. Needs to continue. Also, I think both teams will be able to move the ball to the red zones. Key will be who settles for FG attempts and who scored TDS.
  2. Yes, the spring season doesn’t matter excuse. I’ve heard that one too. Fargo media and fans saying this season should have an asterisk. Lol 1) our team is young 2) No one cares about spring football
  3. Your right, NDSU is the only team that lost their best players at those positions and has players making their first starts this spring. Again, the excuse has been NDSU’s youth. Read the McFeely article. He’s not the only one saying it. Schuster and Weah are also young and are the starters because they are the best at their positions.
  4. Schuster and Weah hadn’t played more than a game combined prior to this year. It is a reality but NDSU fans and media throw it around like they are the only team going through it. Reality is that UND is younger at the OL, QB and WR than NDSU.
  5. I may not be accurate on this but even with the loss of their LT, the OL to start the spring season was made up of two seniors, two juniors and a sophomore. Not young by any means. The excuses from Fargo fans and media before this game are something else. I still have them as the favorites but can see the table being set by their program should they lose.
  6. It’s an excuse when every other team says they are young at a position except NDSU. Than it’s just a fact.
  7. Love the excuses of the Bison being young and UND suddenly this experienced team. McFeely is an idiot
  8. The turnout of UND fans will be impressive. I got a mass text when there was 1000 tickets left online and know a lot of people that bought the max number of 6.
  9. I think a lot of teams will look completely different next year to the point that unless you are elite, having your entire roster back my not be a great thing.
  10. Agreed. Didn’t think it was bad at all. I will say FU players flex on the field more than any team I have watched. Hopefully we don’t see much of that next week.
  11. I want to say we win this one going away but we just have not been a good road team the last few years. 20-10 UND.
  12. Good writeup for this weekends FCS games on ESPN. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31045384/fcs-college-football-week-4-preview
  13. USD still almost hit a go route on their very first offensive play that would have gone for a lot of yards, if not six. Dropped pass by #80.
  14. I don’t disagree. It was there last night with USD really crowding up to the LOS.
  15. That’s the first one of those I have watched this year. Thanks for sharing that. Top notch production by Midco
  16. I thought USD’s RB (Henry) was really good last night. Their QB made some nice throws as well. Needed more time but he will be a solid QB. Their LBs were pretty solid and weren’t afraid to lay a hit when they had an opportunity. I think they will win some games.
  17. Young WRs looked really impressive last night. Crazy thing to think about is Jack Wright is still there coming off injury and will be in the mix next year, with everyone else.
  18. 24-14 UND with a late score to give a cushion. Competitive game all the way through.
  19. I understand that and give him credit for this year. However years past I have watched other Dakota schools sign tall, lanky bodies and turn them into 300+ OL. We didn’t have success doing that. I watch them sign 9 man players from no where and develop them into valuable starters or contributors. It’s more than coaching. I don’t think I ever commented on it and gave him credit after game one because this team is starting to look different, and it’s guys that have been in the program 5 years, not just new recruits. Culture seems to be changing which is great and that is in all aspects
  20. Than some of the comments were likely warranted.
  21. So your saying physically the team was competing at this level the past few seasons?
  22. I think there was plenty of talk on Belquist as well. I think he is more of a position fit to Bomtmans reps. Burian is 6’4” big WR.
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